Butter Only Fast 2015 Days 1 and 2

I have proven over and over again, if you have elevated blood sugars… try a true fat fast! This post provides details leading up to and including my most recent experiment, a butter-only fast!

  • fat provides your body what it needs … fuel.
  • true fat-only fasts, removes the dietary fuel for elevated blood sugars.


A couple of weeks ago I concluded a ‘Coconut Oil and Butter‘ fast,  and shared the post of my experience on Facebook.  I had to end the fat fast after only two days due to low blood sugars, a 45 mg/dl, and the trend was pointing lower. This confirmed an earlier coconut oil only experiment that was also concluded early, after four days due to low blood sugars.

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My many personal experiments confirmed that a coconut oil fat fast worked amazingly well at reducing my blood sugars.  It’s also worked great for everyone who employs the strategy in their protocols of weight and blood sugar reduction.

Previous Coconut Oil Fast

As noted above, in my previous coconut oil fast, I had to end it early due to VERY low blood sugar levels.

I received this comment to the experiment from someone I have long admired, Petrol Dobromylskyj the author of Hyperlipid.


why do you use coconut oil in your fat fast? … you are asking for hypoglycaemia [low blood sugar]. I appreciate butter is far from pure palmitic acid but it will be significantly richer in long chain saturates such as palmitate and stearate than the mix of butter and coconut”

“Gimme butter!”


I am leaving out a lot of Petro’s comment, I’ll include it all in a later post.

The main thing I wanted you to know is… due to the chemical make up of coconut oil, in Peter’s opinion coconut oil would naturally and eventually lead to low blood sugars or hypoglycemia.  If you have elevated blood sugars, that’s a great thing and would explain my body’s inability to stabilize blood sugars above 60 mg/dl.

Does this mean that coconut oil is a better fat compared to butter for reducing elevated blood sugars?

That’s what my current experiment is out to determine.


Butter Only Fast Experiment

No personal blood sugar experiment occurs in a vacuum. There are always variables that can not be controlled as well as variables that can be controlled.

There are many things that can raise blood sugars including carbohydrates, stress, injuries, infections, illnesses, drug interactions, dehydration, and for me excessive protein.

The day before beginning the butter fast I ate 14 ounces of chuck steaks for lunch.  Facing what I hoped to be an extended butter only fast, I decided to eat 1.3 pounds of denver steaks at 10 pm … for a late dinner.  That’s a total of over two pounds of meat … which is excessive for me. ;)

Eating that much protein and eating over a pound right before bed, I expected a higher than normal blood sugar and I was not surprised with a 97 mg/dl the morning of the fast.  I mention this because below you will see that my blood sugar began this experiment higher than the other experiments. That should give me a little cushion from the start.

Below is a chart of my blood sugars through the first two days.  As the legend on the right shows, the longer blue line is the “Coconut Oil Only” fast from 2011.  The short red line is this year’s “Coconut oil and Butter” fast and lastly the bright green line is the current experiment.   I discuss in the notes below the picture.

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  • Butter only (the green line) is definitely out performing the “Coconut Oil and Butter” fast a couple of weeks ago.
  • The green line looks like there are ‘wild swings’, but  in reality that’s far from the truth.  The highest point is 97 and the lowest is 69.  A thirty point margin is hardly WILD in diabetic terms.  :)
  • My typical fasting blood sugars recently (when not experimenting) have been upper 70’s to low 80’s.  So the 97 I began with, I do blame at least partially on the high protein consumption and especially on the late night gorging.  Normally the margin would be 20 points or even less.  ;)


Butter-Only Fast

The butter only fast (green line)  is definitely performing better than the butter and coconut oil fast (red line).

Will this trend continue?

How much of the results of the first two days are due to the overeating of protein just before the experiment?   Time will tell.


Let me thank TotalDiabetesSupply.com. I could not test as much as I do if it were not for them providing me with free testing supplies. By the way, I am not compensated (other than free supplies) .  They in no way influence my decisions or posting other than a ‘thank you’, occasionally. :)

3 thoughts on “Butter Only Fast 2015 Days 1 and 2”

  1. I read this with great interest and concluded with a question. Does the blood sugar lowering effect of coconut oil change if it is used in cooking?

    Here is the reason for this question. I am only two month into this and have enjoyed a steady lowering of my weight and inches, as well as a lower and stabilizing of my blood sugars.

    Over the last 3 days my blood sugar has been creeping up (yeah, I ate past my full state 2 nights in a row – even though I was within my calorie budget for the day). To compensate, I used coconut oil in my cooking and added a little extra. Not much change in my BS.

    Then last night was my highest BS in quite a while – 162. I was shocked. So this morning I resumed having my coffee with coconut oil and butter (I had stopped this for about a week) and my BS dropped to 95 my mid afternoon.

    I’m still at the stage where if I am having average BS reading between 110 and 150 – It is a very good day! I have a few pounds to go before I expect it to be lower.

    SO, was it the butter, coconut oil, coffee combination, coconut oil uncooked, or what?

    Again, I REALLY appreciate you and what you do! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. :)

      “SO, was it the butter, coconut oil, coffee combination, coconut oil uncooked, or what?”

      Fat has never raised my blood sugars… ever. Cooked, uncooked… makes no difference. I’d be shocked if fat raised BG. Carbs do obviously and protein can over time through the liver and gluconeogensis.

      There are many things that can raise BG… stress, dehydration, intense exercise, etc.

      re: Your Blood Sugars … if I were you I would ‘fat fast’ alternating days with a sub 30g of total carb days. Starting today. :)

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