Fat Fast 2015: Conclusion

Fasting can help you manage your blood sugars and help reset your appetite. I think water-only fasts are optimum but especially for the beginner true fat fasts are best.  Why? Fat fasts:

  • remove carbohydrates which, in part fuel blood sugar increases
  • can help keep you sated while you adjust lack of ‘eating’
  • the fat may help spare protein or muscle


Properly performed experiments are always good.  Why? Because they provide data.  Data is information and is vital for all, but especially for diabetics and those with illnesses or disease.  The results can be disappointing at times but usable information has VALUE!



The picture above shows the tracking of  my blood sugars from a 2011 experiment, with the current 2015 experiment, read about it here, “Intro and First 48 Hours”. Pretty simple experiment. I consumed only coconut oil, butter, water and black coffee. I was averaging approximately 660 calories per day.


2011 vs 2015 Fat Fasts

A similar 2011 experiment had to be concluded earlier than planned because my blood sugars tanked into the 50’s during the day and I was concerned they would continue to drop overnight.  With this year’s experiment my hope was my blood sugar would stabilize in the 60’s or higher.

This fat fast was highlighted by soaring optimism and crashing disappointments. In the end it was a success because it provided more information for me to use in the future.


Fat Fast Progression

The last post concluded with blood sugar readings on day two of 61 mg/dl fasting and 62 mg/dl at lunch.  While these readings were lower than I had hoped I was remaining optimistic since the blood sugars appeared to stabilize.

Then this happened at 5:02 pm, a 56!  I was very disappointed.  Earlier in the afternoon my energy level dropped, this reading was not a complete surprise.



Typically when my blood sugars drop into the low 60’s, I will perform a very intense exercise to raise my blood sugars.  However, I’ve never used this technique with blood sugars this low.

I decided to do kettlebell swings in an attempt to raise my blood sugars.  I anxiously began the workout doing 20 swings per set, then walking around for a few seconds until I caught my breath. It was a hot, muggy, sunny afternoon (early evening) but I actually felt better once I began doing the exercise.

I was extending myself for sure but I did not over extend myself. I stopped after doing 140 swings. I re-hydrated and after a few minutes felt even better.  I was ELATED! Apparently my plan had been a success!  My optimism was back!   I decided not to test my blood sugars, to conserve test strips.  I could definitely tell my blood sugars were elevating and I didn’t need to test.

Note: 53 mg/dl is the lowest blood sugar reading I’ve ever had, the 56 was a big deal to me and tied for the second lowest reading ever. Both were during my previous fat fast experiments.

As the evening progressed my energy level began to sink but this was to be expected, bed time was approaching.  I was getting sleepy and decided to test before I fell asleep while reading. I was cautiously optimistic I’d have a number in the 60’s.



I am a risk taker, a gambler. People often use the word ‘crazy’ to describe me due to some of the things I do. However, I’m not going to go to bed with a 45 mg/dl reading without correcting.


My preferred method of correcting (intense exercise) had been successful earlier I believe but the success did not last… obviously.

So I had no other choice but to call off the experiment and eat protein. I did not want to risk going to sleep with a 45 mg/dl especially given the trend line.

I devoured a plate of bacon, cheese and pecans.  I slept very soundly that night and woke up the next day feeling perfectly fine.

For those that do not know, the medical industry generally uses 70 mg/dl as a lower limit of normal blood sugars.  A few believe the lower limit is 60 mg/dl.  Here is a post where I lay out my blood sugar goals and why I chose them.

I personally feel fine in the 60’s and perform normally in that range.




Weight Loss: 

In my previous fat fast I lost approximately a pound a day, for four days. This experiment was even shorter, however I should note that I lost 1.5 to 2  pounds in the two day experiment.


Blood Sugars: 


Looking at the chart above comparing 2011 and 2015 blood sugars, from the start of this Fat Fast my blood sugars were below each test from the same period in 2011. The Fat Fast in 2011 ended in four days due to low blood sugars and I was hoping this year the blood sugars would stabilize… as they should do.

From the beginning I had my doubts, however I did remain hopeful… until the end.



Above is a chart showing Day 1 and Day 2 of this year’s fast.

As you can see Day 2 showed my blood sugar falling with no visible signs it would level off.   I was not going to go another day given these two trend lines, especially with no local support to call on.  This was the lowest blood sugar levels I have ever experienced.

My body is not stabilizing blood sugars… at least not in a range I’m comfortable with, the 60’s or higher.   I am not complaining, my ‘treatment’ is to eat meat for the rest of my life.

Oh the horrors!  :)


In closing, I have recommended water only fasting, intermittent fasting and fat fasts for those who experience a weight loss stall or a stall in reducing blood sugar levels into normal ranges.  This experiment did nothing to change my opinion.  Give it a try… I do recommend that you follow this meal plan for a couple of weeks before fasting.  This will allow your body time to become accustomed to using fat for fuel.

Until next time… Peace, Love and Normal Blood Sugars!


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