Freedom From & Freedom To

Today is the day the US celebrates Independence Day. I want to talk about a different diabetes perspective in this post.

  • Freedom from diabetes ___.
  • Freedom to ____.


For someone like me, a formerly obese, formerly drug and insulin dependent diabetic… freedom from drugs and insulin is a BIG DEAL! However that is only part of the story.




When you maintain truly normal blood sugars like those in the picture above… you reap the full range of benefits.  Let’s ‘dig in’, shall we? First let’s look at …


Freedom From


This is my 8th Independence Day celebration free from the chains of drugs and injecting insulin four times a day!

Eightth! In a row!  WooT! :)

However, the benefits of the way I eat, play and live give me much more than that.  I am not ONLY free from taking any drugs and insulin, I am also:


  • Free from elevated blood sugars and related complications.  See the top right pic, that’s a little higher than I’d prefer but I will take it. I have reversed all known diabetes complications including neuropathy.


  • Free from the addictions of grains, sugar and starches.  I am no longer addicted to the products of Big Food companies.  I do not want or need breads, cakes, cookies, pasta nor cereals.  I eat real foods, fatty meats, low-carb vegetables with the occasional nuts and berries.


  • Free from requiring Medical Industry Services to survive. The medical industry wants you to believe you need a ‘team’ of doctors to manage diabetes. False. Other than an Emergency Room visit from a dislocated shoulder in 2013 I have not seen a medical industry professional since 2009. Other than the pain medication for the dislocation, I have been completely drug free since 2009.


  • Free from the downward health spiral, feeling progressively worse while taking an ever-expanding list of drugs.  In 2009 my health was deteriorating rapidly while I was taking more and more drugs.  I will never forget how miserable I felt.


The list is amazing and I am so thankful each of them, however the list only tells part of the story.

Now to discuss my freedom to…


Freedom To

Because of the way I eat, play and live I also have many more freedoms.

I have:


  • Freedom to eat nutritious, delicious, low inflammatory, body healing food.  Food is my body’s fuel. Here is a picture from a meal I ate four years ago today.  My meal today will be similar, fatty meats and low carb vegetables.
Here was my meal last night.  Ground beef and roasted poblano peppers.
  • Freedom to play as I want.  This is HUGE to me.  I was once an obese, sickly… couch potato.  The other day I rode my bike (background center left) and pushed this sled on the high school football field for 220 yards, in July! It felt great!
Below is a typical picture of me.  I am barefoot and shirtless as much as possible especially when I walk on grass and in full sun.
  • Freedom to live as I want to live. This picture of a recent sunrise. 
    The dawn of a new day inspires me.  Each sunrise is a fresh start. The first day of the rest of your life. If you don’t like who, what or where you are… change it! 

Freedom To

I was once a miserable, obese, drug and insulin dependent diabetic needing drugs and insulin just to survive.

I now have the freedom TO be who I want to be!

The freedom to live as I want to  live.

Repeat these words, “I am the boss of me”.

You choose the foods and drinks you consume.  I urge you to follow my meal plan for 30 days, it can change your life.

Can you break the chains of drug or insulin dependence? Only one way to find out. DO IT!

Eat like me.

Type 1 diabetics will require insulin until a cure is found, I ‘get that’.  But even type 1’s can benefit from a low carb paleo meal plan.  Many type 1’s are on an ever-increasing amount of insulin, drugs and an increasing amount of insulin resistance.

Too, I was originally diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic.  What if I had given up and given in? I’d still be a drug and insulin diabetic, that is for sure.

“Carb up and shoot up” diabetes treatment protocol benefits no diabetic. It does benefit Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

Begin your journey to earn your independence today.


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