Water Fast

The blood sugar reading, the morning after staring the water fast.

I have embarked on a water-fast.  In other words, I am consuming water and black coffee. If you want to follow along, tea is fine too without sweeteners of course. For simplicity sake I am calling this a ‘water fast’.
If you don’t like that … tough. :)

Until now the longest I’ve ever water-fasted was 26 hours, the plan is to fast for 72+ hours and compare the results with these fat-fasts, two of which I’ve recently completed.

2011 Coconut Only Fast

2015 Butter & Coconut Oil Fast

2015 Butter Only Fast 

Why Fast

Having done two fat-fasts recently, I was asked why I was fasting, again.  The answer…

For SCIENCE!    

Seriously that is the main reason, comparing the fat-fast experiments with the water fast.  Specifically I want to compare the weight loss and blood sugar effects.

In EVERY fat-fast my blood sugars dropped, fat-fasts are an excellent tool for blood sugar reduction.  I prefer fat-fasts because I’m providing my body with fuel (fat consumption), while still providing excellent blood sugar reducing effects.

I fast or intermittent fast practically every day.  Intermittent fasting is skipping one or two meals a day.  While fasting, is skipping meals for one or more days. I usually eat two meals a day but often I’ll only eat one meal  a day.  It’s very easy to do when you are fat-adapted and eat like I  do, here is my ‘Meal Plan‘.

Water Fast 2015

I had a delicious and humongous lunch yesterday (7/17) and officially began my water-fast at noon.  As noted, eating one meal a day is not unusual for me.

Therefore I did not expect this morning’s initial blood sugar test to be unusual. Historically my range is upper 60’s to mid 80’s, with occasional  low 60’s and low 90 readings.

This morning’s test produced a 65 mg/dl, (picture top right). Ordinarily I would be ELATED at this number.  My preferred range is upper 60’s to low 70’s,  I function just fine in the 60’s. 

Normally I’d be elated with a 65 mg/dl, but considering I had to end my fat-fasts due to low blood sugar, I was not excited about the 65.  If my blood sugar sinks 15+ points, I’m going to end the water-fast.

However, my noon reading gave me hope!  A slight uptick in blood sugar to 69 mg/dl. :)   Yes, given the variances in the meters this was essentially a tie, however I’m being optimistic that my blood sugars will hold in the normal ranges.

Only time will tell. :)


A friend commented on a Facebook post, ‘N=1 rules’.  He was saying that self-experimentation is a great thing.

It really is. And for diabetics, we are lucky to have a relatively inexpensive means of testing our experiments …  a blood sugar meter.

We know so little about nutrition and the best diets for optimum health.

Why aren’t diabetics being told of the benefits of low-carb and fat fasting?

For decades ‘nutritional science’ has been little more than the marketing arm for Big Food and Big Pharma. It’s time for true science to rule the day and to remove Big Food and Big Pharma’s influence. If not, ‘we’ will continue to save lives… one at a time.

In closing, it will be interesting (to me at least) to see where this water-fast takes me, especially in comparison to the fat-fasts. Peace, love and normal blood sugars to you all.


Let me thank TotalDiabetesSupply.com. I could not test as much as I do if it were not for them providing me with free testing supplies. By the way, I am not compensated (other than free supplies). They in no way influence my decisions or posting other than a ‘thank you’, occasionally. :)