The Battle Rages On with Jennifer Elliott

There is an ongoing dietary war between low fat, grain pimps and low carb paleo adherents. It may seem trivial to some, but I assure you it is not.

  • $$$ Trillions of dollars are at stake for Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.
  • Lives, careers and livelihoods hang in the balance, while millions suffer.


Our current nutritional and healthcare systems pump TRILLIONS of dollars in future revenue streams into  Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.  They will not give up without a fight.  Their financial livelihoods depend on it.
low carb paleo


Dietitian, nutritionist and diabetes educator groups are on the front line of this battle. As more people realize the dietary guidance from them is a sham … the less people will pay for their services. Millions suffer while a relative few profit.


Attacking Low Carb Paleo

The attacks on low carb paleo,  low carb, keto, Banting and others will not only continue, expect them to worsen.  Using governmental and quasi-governmental boards ‘they’ want to control nutritional speech… I know about that first hand as the state of NC tried to shut me up.

If people begin eating a low carb paleo diet and avoiding processed, genetically modified (GMO) ‘food-like’ products… not only would the profits of Big Food sink, Big Pharma and Medical Industry profits would sink as well.

That’s why the unholy trio of Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry invest 100’s of millions of dollars each year promoting and propping up our failed nutritional policy.

That’s why diabetics are ‘sold’ a high carb diabetic diet… to protect $$$ Trillions in future profits.


Jennifer Elliott & the DAA

Enter Jennifer Elliott, the subject of this post. She’s an Australian dietitian, who promotes a low-carb meal plan for diabetics.  The Dietitians Ass of Australia (DAA) is the national dietetics group of Australia and is the antagonist in this story.  I’ve written about the DAA, a despicable and yet laughable organization twice, “Blinded by Science” and “DAA & Diabetes“.

Jennifer’s story is similar to my own, she was doing her job, promoting a low-carb meal plan to her diabetic clients.  She was expelled from the DAA, revoking her dietitian’s license.

Below a short summary of her case, you can read her full (attorney approved) account, click here.

In July 2014 a dietitian lodged a complaint with the DAA and my employers.

The complaint was primarily that low carb diets, (such as those that I recommend to clients with type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance), are not evidence based.

Stating a low-carb approach is not evidence based … is ludicrous.

What ‘we’ know is this.    A low-carb approach is THE best meal plan for helping diabetics obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars.

We also know a low-fat, high carb grain-based meal plan for diabetics is a recipe for downward spiraling health … while taking an ever-increasing amount of drugs.

In August 2014, sometime after this complaint was lodged, the complainant forwarded a letter to DAA from a disgruntled client.

A disgruntled client just happened to ‘pop up’ …  and the complaint was filed after a single, one-hour interview with Jennifer … odd.

Jennifer received a letter in April 2015 informing her of expulsion from the Dietetics Ass of Australia (DAA). 

What was your first thought after reading the above sentence?

Mine? “I know a lot of mentally lazy dietitians.  What would it take to expel your typical grain-promoting Ausie dietitian?”

My second thought? The DAA is railroading her, making up ‘ghost’ charges attempting to seek ‘cover’, much like the state did against me in 2012.

Jennifer was later told she was expelled for breach of the Code of Conduct and was guilty of professional misconduct.


Professional misconduct is a serious offence and must be extreme to result in de-registration and lifetime ban of a practitioner. It generally involves the potential of harm to the public, negligence and/or unlawful activity.  No such accusations have been brought against me; the complaint was about LC diets, with DAA’s addition of the experience of a disgruntled client.


When Jennifer’s story went viral on social media the DAA did what most groups do when caught with their hand in the cookie jar, it lied and attempted character assassination.  Click here for her full blog post.

PLEASE read her full blog post on her case. She provides an excellent critique of the charges against her.  She’s obviously very thorough, knowledgeable and professional.



The DAA is attempting to claim that Jennifer was not expelled due to her low-carb dietary recommendations. Just like the state claimed in my case.

Do you really think Jennifer Elliott would have been expelled if she was promoting a low-fat, high carb, grain-based meal plan… like all the other Australian dietitians?

Of course not.

She was being expelled for her dietary beliefs and once social media took the story and ran with it… the DAA had to perform damage control by making claims of misconduct.

The Dietitians Ass of Australia promotes a high carb, grain based meal plan just like the American Diabetes Association … both should be ridiculed and mocked.

The DAA, a despicable and yet laughable organization… “Blinded by Science” and “DAA & Diabetes“.