Ed’s Bill: Government Controlling Diabetes Speech

This post is about Ed’s bill.   The bill is in the US House of Representatives and would be a death sentence to MILLIONS of diabetics … yet it’s called, “Access to Quality Diabetes Education Act of 2015” (HR 1726, S 1345).  Thanks to Anne Luther who shared this post from ANH USA “Cronyism is Putting Diabetic Patients at Risk“.

The bill is sponsored by Ed Whitfield, from Kentucky.  I can only assume that Ed’s either an ignorant sheep or is a shill for Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.  His bill will harm ‘the people’, especially diabetics while benefiting those groups previously mentioned.

Let’s take a look…

The Bill

To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to improve access to diabetes self-management training by authorizing certified diabetes educators to provide diabetes self-management training services, including as part of telehealth services, under part B of the Medicare program.

Translation:  The bill authorizing ‘certified diabetes educators’ to provide training to diabetics under Medicare.

Do we REALLY want to pay more money to certified diabetes educators … to teach diabetics the ‘carb up and shoot up’ diabetes protocol?

This smells like a political reward to the American Association of Diabetes Educators  (AADE) or the Academy of Certified Diabetes Educators (ACDE) since they would directly benefit from this bill.  Indirectly Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry would all profit from this bill.

Let’s look further.

The bill starts out by listing various statistics highlighting the epidemic levels of the prevalence of diabetes, no disagreements there.  But then… this,

“Diabetes self-management training (hereinafter DSMT), also called diabetes education, provides critical knowledge and skills training to patients with diabetes, helping them manage medications, address nutritional issues, facilitate diabetes-related problem solving, and make other critical lifestyle changes to effectively manage their diabetes.”

Diabetes Educators and the Medical Industry do not promote ‘self-management’… stating such is LUDICROUS!   The medical industry promotes using a ‘diabetes care team’, all of whom get their ‘cut’ from public and private insurances.   They all combine to make TRUE diabetes self-treatment impossible, by promoting a blood-sugar-elevating diet.

“Evidence shows that individuals participating in DSMT programs are able to progress along the continuum necessary to make sustained behavioral changes in order to manage their diabetes.”

Bull Feces, let me guess … the Medical Industry produced a study showing that MORE training is needed.  Imagine that.

Providing more dis-information will not improve the lives of diabetics.

Other evidence shows that 90 % of diabetics FAIL at managing their diabetes and that’s even with a ‘diabetes care team’ of medical industry professionals.  Providing diabetics with more ‘carb up and shoot up’ protocol training … is not the answer.

Certified Diabetes Educators (and the medical industry) will keep diabetics on a continuum alright … a continuum of more and more drugs, poorer health and requiring more and more medical industry services.

A certified diabetes educator is a State licensed or registered health care professional who specializes in helping people with diabetes develop the self-management skills needed to stay healthy and avoid costly acute complications and emergency care, as well as debilitating secondary conditions caused by diabetes.

As noted previously above, certified diabetes educators do not help diabetics obtain the self-management skills needed.  They teach diabetics how to rely on medical industry services and big pharma drugs… all while eating high carb, grain based foods.

Patients who have received training from a certified diabetes educator are better able to implement the treatment plan received from a physician skilled in diabetes treatment.

More of the same, bull feces.  If the objective is to eat whatever you want, take more and more drugs, get sicker and sicker while needing more medical industry services… then go see a certified diabetes educator.

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Diabetes educators teach a ‘carb up and shoot up’ diabetes protocol. The protocol benefits Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry, it does not benefit diabetics.

Throwing more money at diabetes care is not the answer.

No doubt certified diabetes educators would love a government program that gives them more patients, more publicly funded income and more control over diabetics.

Teaching people to ‘carb up and shoot up’ will not improve the lives of diabetics … it will teach them to be drug, insulin, and medical industry dependent.

It will improve the lives of certified diabetes educators and the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

I’ll close with this, it’s from the original article from ANH USA.

“So here we go again. Why compete for customers with the best products or services when you can sew them up in a government-enforced monopoly?”

And in case you haven’t caught on, the government enforced monopoly is certified diabetes educators.

Trillions of $$$ in future revenue streams is at stake.  Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry will continue to fight to control nutritional speech and to maintain control of disease protocols. Their livelihoods depend on it.


Contacting Ed:

I do not expect anything to come of this request, but I did request a phone interview with Ed Whitfield, the sponsor of the bill.

YOU can reach him personally on twitter, click here. 



This was my opening shot across the bow. ;)