Sugar Free Pledge

Take the, ‘Sugar Free Pledge’ this Halloween weekend.

Candy spikes blood sugars and insulin levels, ‘just say no’.

Just say YES!!!  To LIVING!!  

…and say no to addictive glutenous and sugary foods.

Take the Sugar Free Pledge!

The Pledge

I, (state your name) of reasonably sound mind and body, do solemnly swear to remain candy, gluten and sugar-free throughout the Halloween weekend.


I am candy free… 24/7, 365 days… so it ain’t no big thang for me.

If I can do it, you can TOO!!!

Helpful Hints

These suggestions work all year long of course, not just Halloween. :)

Before going to a party,  trick or treating always leave the house sated, in other words eat before you leave the house. If you know there will be some foods you can eat, leave a little room for those foods, but do *NOT* arrive hungry.

  • Always arrive ‘packing’.  No, not guns! 😂 … always bring emergency foods. Cheese, pork rinds, boiled eggs, sardines, celery, etc.True Story: I have been known to bring canned salmon to Christmas dinners. :)

The ABSOLUTE worst thing you can do is to leave the house hungry!

And if you do slip and end up on the road hungry and empty-handed, stop and pick up some of the foods mentioned above for insurance!

Pork rinds make a great snack to keep around for emergencies…

Especially if you are ‘new’ to this way of eating. never leave home without them. 

Alcohol – if you are going to drink, make sure you drink low-carb beers or mixers. Dry red wines are generally ok such as Merlot, Cab Sav, etc.

Lately I’ve been drinking “Vodka Sodas”, it’s a nice clean drink with the only ingredients being vodka, carbonated water, and a splash or two of lime juice. Very low carb!

Note: If you are going to drink, make sure you have someone to ‘watch your back’. Someone you can trust who will *NOT* let you start eating candy, cakes, cookies.  You certainly do not want to take that ‘friend’ who tries to tempt you to eat cake or candy.

Have FUN this Weekend!

I certainly plan on having fun and I hope YOU do the same.

We can have fun without destroying our diets and without elevating our blood sugars.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY! There is a better way to successfully manage diabetes,  the Low Carb Paleo way.

Did you take the Sugar Free Diabetes Pledge? I hope so.

There is a better way to self-treat diabetes.
There is a better way to eat, play … and LIVE!

And keep your hands out of the cookie jars and trick or treat bags!

Peace, love and normal blood sugars.