Diabetes Warrior or Diabetes Defeatist

Are you truly fighting diabetes? It is a simple question with simple answer. However, many believe they are fighting diabetes, but they are not…

  • diabetes defeatist?
  • diabetes  warrior?

So which are you? Are you merely fighting the effects of the disease … taking more and more drugs? Or are you truly fighting the disease?

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If you eat ANY of the foods above including cakes, cookies, pasta, cereals, breads … odds are you are a diabetes defeatist. The one sure way to determine your status? What are your blood sugar and A1C levels?


Diabetes Defeatist

Definition of a defeatist?  “an attitude of accepting, expecting, or being resigned to defeat”. 

BAM! … in your face, am I right?  Look deep inside yourself and ask the question…

Are YOU accepting, expecting or resigned to diabetes defeat?

Sadly you may be a diabetes defeatist… and not realize it.

Sadly 10’s of millions of people in the US are diabetes defeatist and hundreds of millions more worldwide. (90% of diabetics fail)

Spotting a defeatist is simple, you see them talking (even bragging) about eating cakes, cookies, pasta, breads … and then see them later complaining about their poor health and other diabetes complications.

Some post their elevated blood sugars publicly … for all to see. They may be fighting the effects of elevated blood sugars, but they are not fighting diabetes.  They have given up on truly fighting the disease.

If this is you… you need to become a warrior today.  Not tomorrow… not next week, today.


Diabetes Warrior

Definition of a warrior? “a person who fights in battles and is known for having courage and skill”

A diabetes warrior eats a high fat, moderate protein… very low carb meal plan.  A diabetes warrior does not ‘feed’ their disease with blood sugar spiking high carb foods.

Note: There is no doubt that diabetics with elevated blood sugars are fighting for their lives … literally.  Their bodies are struggling to deal with elevated blood sugars… and losing. 


Millions of diabetics have…

  • resigned themselves to slowly declining health.  Sadly many diabetics believe that diabetes is progressive and debilitating disease.  They learn this from their Medical Industry professional, the people they trust for the truth betray them. Defeatist also eat high carb, sugary, glutenous foods.


  • blamed diabetes for their pain and suffering.  A fatalistic approach which absolves themselves (in their mind) from responsibility for the pain and suffering.  They also learn this from their Medical Industry professional.


Foods Can Fuel Progression

If you eat a high carb, low fat, grain based meal plan … you are providing fuel to the enemy.


How can you claim to be in a war with diabetes … a disease of high blood sugar,  when you aid and abet the disease?

You can ‘claim’ you are fighting high blood sugar… all you want.  But when you purposely add fuel to the blood sugar rises…  I’m sorry that’s not fighting the disease.


Be a True Diabetes Warrior

When I was diagnosed I fought the demons.  At one point I was going to be a ‘good diabetic’.  I was going to do as I was told. I was going to ‘eat the food groups’ taking  my drugs and insulin. However, something just didn’t seem right. Eating foods that raised blood sugars… just seemed wrong.

I decided to take a different path.  I tossed the ‘low fat, high carb, grain based meal plan’ to the curb… and found a better way.

To be a true diabetes warrior you MUST truly fight the disease.  That means you stop eating foods and drinking drinks that spike your blood sugar.  Diabetes is a disease of hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugars) … stop feeding the elevated blood sugars!

Go to war against DIABETES!!!!  Truly fight the disease!   Go ‘low carb primal’ … and begin to take control of your health and your treatment of diabetes.


Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

If your blood sugars are elevated and you cannot achieve truly normal blood sugars with diet alone…

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