Chicken Skin Taco Shells

Without a doubt chicken skins are ‘low carb paleo’ and diabetic friendly.  They are also fatty deliciousness!! This post confirms the incredible versatility of chicken skins.

  • Chicken Skins are low carb paleo
  • Versatile, can be eat as ‘bacon’ or used as taco shells
  • Nutritious and delicious with protein and fats


I love to eat salted chicken skins cooked crispy like bacon. As this post will show, using chicken skins as taco shells… is phatabulous!  My friend Lily Pink told me about ‘chicken skin bacon’ and while brainstorming we came up with the taco idea. (She’s a genius).

low carb paleo chicken skin taco shells
Chicken Skin Tacos – fully loaded. :)


Chicken skin tastes great and makes an excellent vessel for other foods. It’s also a great conversation starter if you bring some to work, or family and friend social gatherings.  All natural, real foods… with natural fats and proteins.


Incredible Versatility: Chicken Skins

1) You could prepare them flat and have mini-pizzas, tostada-style.

2) You can prepare them so they are more ‘flimsy’ and use them to wrap foods.

3) Lastly, you can make them firm enough to hold foods like a taco, (today’s post).

These chicken skin tacos are so… finger licking good!! :)


Making Chicken Skin Tacos

1 – Remove skin from the chicken.  I usually use  leg quarters or thighs.

Note: You can leave the skins on and remove after cooking.

Removing after cooking is now my preferred method. So much easier to do the preferred way for me. By the way, I just learned to do this through trial and error. In previous posts I removed the skin first, still possible of course but after cooking is much much easier. :)

2 – Slow Roasting Chicken Skins

My favorite way is to leave the skin on the chicken quarters while slow roasting in the oven for 2 hours on 200 F.

Cooking the skins slowly toughens up the skins and makes them less likely to tear or break.   Remove the skin from the chicken and loop over the rack in the oven.  (See below)

A single works great for a typical taco, a double makes a larger area for more food.

Note: Below the skins I have a drip pan.



3 – Crisping the skin

This is a key.  If you will crisp up the skin, it will be crunchy and easier to eat.   If you  do not crisp, the skins still taste  AWESOME!!! … but the skins will be tougher and more chewy.   I love them both ways… but crisping them up does make them tastier and easier to eat.

To crisp, I like to use the ‘low broil’ option.  Turning the skins every few minutes to prevent burning but to crisp them up nicely.  This usually takes an additional 10-15 minutes.


4 – Load them up!

I loaded these up with greens (broad leaf plantain), chicken, bacon and sour cream.   MMmmmmmmmm mmmm good! :)

Load yours as you choose!!  I’ll definitely load mine with a more traditional taco filling soon.


5 – Grab Napkins!

Nope… that’s not enough, get more! ;)


6 – EAT!!!



Delicious fatty, crunchy goodness.

There are so many alternatives to high-carb, glutenous foods …  I never miss the way I used to eat. NEVER.

I also do not miss being chronically sick, lethargic, obese and being a Big Pharma ‘cash cow’.

Open your mind to new foods to eat and new ways to prepare foods.

People … there is a BETTER WAY!!!

A better way to eat.

A better way to play.

A better way to LIVE!