FDA Outlaws Trans Fats! (kind of)

First the Good Newsprocessed-food-fats-800x553

The  Food and Drug Administration (FDA), after decades of allowing Big Food companies to promote fake trans fats as safe and even healthier than real fats …

According to this CNN article,

The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday declared trans fats unsafe for human consumption and told food companies to get rid of them by June, 2018.

Wow … declaring trans fats UNSAFE for human consumption.

That is AWESOME! … even though it has come decades too late for the millions this product has harmed.

Then this …

The FDA … declared trans fats as “no longer generally recognized as safe under any condition of use in human food.”

Translation:  Artificial trans fats or partially hydrogenated fats are UNSAFE under any condition… in FOOD!


This includes partially hydrogenated margarine, corn and vegetable oils.

The FDA finally told the truth and finally did the right thing … it’s a start.

Here is the link to the official FDA announcement. 


The Bad News

Big Food has known that their products have poisoned people … for decades.   The research has been clear for some time.

Sadly, the FDA is going to allow Big Food to continue to sell toxic sludge (trans fats) to people as food for three years.

However … you have a brain, you can stop eating fake fats today!

What to Do

1 – ONLY eat real foods.  Meats, vegetables, nuts and berries.

Here is my meal plan… it is a meal plan you can ‘live with’.  ;)

I only eat real fats including coconut oil, butter, tallow and lard.  I occasionally use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in salads and slaws.

2 – If you must eat food that comes in a wrapper, box or bag … READ the ingredients.

Avoid foods that contain shortening, vegetable oils and trans fats.

3 –  Here is a listing from Nutritiondata.com of foods that are high in trans fats.



If you or I were selling a product that caused harm to millions, for profit.  We would most likely be in jail by now.

At the very least we would be told to stop immediately.  Big Food has three more years to continue selling toxic sludge (artificial trans fats).

The FDA has three years to enforce this ruling.  A lot can happen in three years. The money and influence from Big Food can make people sell their souls.

Regardless, take control of YOUR food.

YOU are the boss of YOU!

I decide what I eat … so can you.