Eating Simple Foods, Simply

I share my daily foods, workouts and paleo ‘play’  on Facebook, I also share other things including articles I find helpful or interesting. The common thread through all of my food posts?

  • Eat simple, real, foods.
  • Diabetic or other health problems? Eat simple, real, very low-carb foods.
  • If cooked simply, clean up is fast!


“Friend me” on Facebook, especially if you are new to the ‘low carb paleo‘ way of living.  You can see I walk the walk as well as talk the talk.  :)

20140706_135326 (1)


The above picture is a sample of the types of foods I eat.  Meat cooked in a skillet with a vegetable cooked in the ‘juices’, this particular meal was ground beef and cauliflower.  Cooking instructions are later in the post … as well as a post meal clean up picture!


Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Some of you reading this are in dire condition and desperate circumstances. Many of you have elevated blood sugars and suffering from the pain and agony that result.

I hear variations of these often, “what can I eat?” Or “Please help me, I don’t know what to eat.”

If you have elevated blood sugars, health problems, are chronically sick, lethargic, experiencing joint pain…  RELAX! Breathe deeply and keep reading, you have come to the right place. :)

True Story: I too suffered from all of the above ailments before finding a better way!


Simple Foods Prepared Simply

I have resources on my website that gives you what you need to know, the basics… right now.

Here is my meal plan, a meal plan you can ‘live with’. 

Here is a listing of food posts.

Lastly, here is EVEN a sample meal plan to get you started.


This post will show you two easy ways to cook. Over time I’ve gravitated to simpler ways of cooking simply … it’s so SIMPLE! :)


First – Broiler Pan Beef

You can use any meat.  Chicken with bacon, beef, pork chops… make your own creations!

(click any picture to enlarge)


Step One

Take your meat, this was a lb of ground round… and spread out on the bottom of the broiler pan.

Take whatever veggies you like and add on top of the meat, use onions, broccoli, asparagus, WHATEVER you like!

For this ‘quickie meal’ I chose cauliflower.

Before I started, because it takes only a couple of minutes I turned the oven on broil and set the rack to the top position.


Step Two

After only 5-10 minutes I could smell the meat ‘crisping’, the fat sizzling and the cauliflower was BROWNING!

I took out the pan and quickly sliced sharp cheddar and placed randomly on the meat.  This looks like a lot but it was only two ounces.   Put it back in the oven for a few more minutes.



Step Three… so simple

I simply added black pepper, Himalayan Salt and a little sriracha.  But YOU are the boss… so add YOUR favorite spices!

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!?! … it was tasty too. :)




Meal #2 –  Simple EGGs with Meat & Veggies

Step One – cook your favorite fatty meats with your favorite veggies.

Sorry no picture.  You will have to WING IT!! … no worries, I have faith in you. :)

This was Chorizo sausage, onions and cauliflower.


Step Two – Add the Eggs

Note: I am using a large black skillet.  I actually cook using a small burner… I like cooking with a ‘wok’ action.  Pushing previously cooked foods to the outer rim to keep them warm.

Once you push the cooked meats and veggies around the rim… add your EGGS!  You could also add fish, bacon, more veggies… more meats… it’s UP to you. :)

You can turn the eggs if you want, I usually cook them Sunny Side up … with a runny yolk.



The picture below shows the food ‘plated’.  It was so damn GOOD! :)

And luckily for us… it’s nutritious and truly DIABETES FRIENDLY!

20140610_120007 (1)

Step 3 – Clean Up

In addition to being delicious and nutritious, the beauty of cooking a low carb, high fat dish???

If done right… very little if any clean up!

Look at that skillet!   Now… for me, I didn’t touch the skillet after this.  I did cover it and place it in the oven for storage.  I’ll be cooking with it the very next meal so it’s fine.

However, if I was concerned about leaving it as such… you could run hot water over it and wipe it out with a dishcloth and voila! It’s ready for the next round.





The key to not only surviving… but THRIVING with diabetes is proper eating.  Exercise is important but eating is the key.

Open your mind and explore different foods, textures and flavors.

With these two meals… and the ability to vary them, you no longer have an excuse not to eat a low carb, high fat meal plan.

The broiler pan can be used for ALL manner of meats and veggie combos… and you can freeze leftovers for later use.

You truly have nothing to lose… and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!


Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

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