Beef Brisket II … 100% diabetes friendly

I had never had beef brisket until this year. I did NOT know what I was MISSING!!!  Beef Brisket is diabetes friendly.  Here is my first post, “Beef Brisket is Diabetes Friendly“.

  • Brisket is fatty, meaty goodness.
  • Brisket has a strip that I call, beef bacon!


The main reason I never tried it until recently is … a slab of beef brisket can be intimidating. I usually buy the smallest “brisket’ in the store and even then,  the one I cooked for this post was 12 lbs. If you too are intimidated, do NOT be!  Before cooking, cut it into pieces and freeze 1/2 or 1/4

beef brisket is diabetes friendly
Beef Brisket is fatty and therefore diabetes friendly


Or you can do what I do. Cook it and then freeze it.  Either way works!  Beef brisket is usually much cheaper than other cuts … so it’s a great BARGAIN as well as being great tasting!


Cooking a Beef Brisket


1)  Here is the beef brisket on the grill.  

The tapering of the beef brisket may not be obvious from this picture but the ‘thick’ side is on the right.

I have cooked the thick side in a Grok Pot (crock pot) a couple of times… it ALWAYS comes out AWESOME!!!  I’d suggest cutting the ‘thick’ side and using it for the grok pot… as you can see it’s ‘extra fatty’ … perfect for the grok pot. :)



beef brisket is diabetes friendly
Fatty Meats are the key to managing diabetes

 2) Cooking the Fatty Meat, Beef Brisket 

I grilled the brisket (on lowest heat) for a little over an hour … and it came out perfect for me!     Nicely seared on the outside and rare on the inside.  I looked up several recipes online and they suggest grilling to 150 degrees internally and then covering with tin foil for the remaining time.  Most sites suggest about an hour per pound? … seriously???

It’s true I do tend to eat my meats more rare than most people. :)


Note 1: My brisket cooked for over an hour… and was raw ‘inside’, but it tasted GREAT!   I ate my ‘fill’  without any ill affects.

Note 2: My grill ‘runs hot’ because of all the bacon grilling I do.  I had numerous flare ups during the time I grilled the brisket. Just want you to know, that while I grilled on low… it got HAWT! :)


Eating the Beef Brisket

I did slice the brisket very thin, some sections can be tougher than others.

My wife would not eat it “medium rare” … so I had to cook the rest in the grok pot overnight. I did freeze some ‘medium rare’ so I’ll be eating this again… real soon. :)



Below is this same piece, flipped over on it’s side.



The picture below is this same piece ‘chopped up’ and spiced with Tony Chachere’s and a Low Carb Pepper and Vinegar based sauce.

Seriously… I LOVE BRISKET!!!

You can slice and serve with veggies  or you can ‘chop it’ and  add to salads… but my favorite is just eating it by itself.

The meat and fat… are so tasty.




Beef Brisket Versatile and Diabetes Friendly

Remember to experiment by cooking different meats, different ways. Diversity of foods and methods add variety.

Remember, fatty meats are the KEY to successfully managing diabetes!   Beef brisket is diabetes friendly, with all of that fat! So tasty and so filling.


Eat truly diabetes friendly and paleo-style foods, … here’s my low carb paleo meal plan. 


Reduce Your Blood Sugar the Warrior Way

Below is my personal ‘diabetes care’ manual. It is truly diabetes friendly, not Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Industry friendly.  Every person who follows my plan improves blood sugar control.  Not coincidentally, each person who follows my diabetes care plan reduces the profits of Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

managing diabetes

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  1. Curious – do you just put water in the crock pot with the meat? Looks good and looking forward to trying it. Is the cut of meat just referred to as “brisket” or is it a shoulder roast or some other variation?

    Thanks for everything that you are sharing. It’s changing lives.

    1. I buy this at the grocery store and it’s labeled as ‘brisket’. I typically add a cup of water and the rest is ‘juice’. :))

      Thank you for the kind words …and you are welcome. :)

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