Exquisite Paleo Grilling Cuisine

Exquisite and cuisine are not words generally associated with grilling and paleo. After reading this post and even better after trying this ‘recipe’, I think you will agree.

The bulk of my meals are VERY simple.   Fatty meats, leafy greens, eggs, butter and coconut oil constitute an overwhelming majority of my calories.  I typically cook them very simply too; I usually skillet fry or oven roast my fatty meats to retain (render) the fats for reuse.

For this meal, I decided to grill the hamburgers because of the awesome flavor, texture … and because I love to play with FIRE!

This meal illustrates how slight additions to ‘simple’ foods can add amazing variations to the old standards.

Let’s get busy… shall we?

Note:  I have grilled with propane and charcoal briquettes but my favorite… by FAR is using hardwood lump charcoal.  It is a smoother, longer lasting heat.  A little goes a long ways, I cooked 3 lbs of hamburger, a pound of pork and a pound of chorizo on two hands full of charcoal.


1 –  Mustard Sauce: This is optional or you could just use mustard of course.

My son Alex, made this while I cooked the meats. If you are cooking solo it would be best to make this in advance.   These measurements are approximate and I’d invite you to mix and match to fit your tastes.

In a food processor mix up:

6 TBS of mustard
3/4 an onion
1 cap of  Vinegar
2 Dashes each of salt, ground peppercorn, basil & cilantro

Note:   Other than meat and what you want to eat with your meat, these are the only ingredients.   For our meat, we chose tomato and onion. Lettuce is an optional ‘wrap’ as is Napa cabbage.


2 – Grill the meat!  




3 – Prepare the Eggs.  While the meat is grilling poach the eggs.  YOU must try the runny yolk, you MUST!

Another option is a four minute egg (see this post), which you could make in advance as well.

For this meal my son poached two eggs simply by placing the raw eggs into a large metal spoon and lowering them into the boiling water.  For a hands free egg poaching option, check this out.


4 – Load up the Meat!

On one, I simply placed the cheese burger on the plate, with a TBS of the mustard sauce, followed by the poached egg.  For my other burger I ‘wrapped’ it in lettuce with the sauce, onion and tomato.





5 – LOOK at these pictures!!!

The tastes and textures were truly exquisite … the runny yolk with the ‘charred’ meat, combined with the mustard sauce was decadent deliciousness. :)





6 – Remaining “Heat”?   I have so much love for hardwood lump charcoal.   After cooking the burgers I also cooked a pound of pork chops.  Seeing that I still had a very warm grill, I then threw a pound of chorizo links on the grill.

They cooked purrrrfectly. :)



In Closing

A common theme for me, explore and play with your food!!

I urge you to experiment with different meats, spices and cooking styles….  I do. :)

Eggs are so versatile, I implore you to add ‘runny yolks’ to your food menu arsenal.  As my friend Lily Pink said, ‘runny yolks make an excellent gravy’.  Indeed!

This meal truly was exceptional in flavor, textures and in nutrition.  It was truly exquisite paleo grilling cuisine.

Most importantly… it is TRULY diabetic friendly.