High Protein Diet Experiment

This is a summary of my full-carnivore (Zero Carb), lowER fat, high protein diet, for fat-loss experiment (PSMF).  That’s a mouthful I know, I’ll explain more later in the post. Important takeaway points from this post.

  • If you have experienced a weight-loss stall or plateau, try this!
  • Results including pics, weight and fat loss.
  • Nutritional Summary

Note: I’m not suggesting you follow this diet forever, just give it a month or until you reach your weight/fat loss goals. I have been following a lowER fat, high protein diet for 40 days, without any ill effects. I urge you to read this post in it’s entirety before dismissing the idea.

The picture above shows those foods I ate the most of …with one exception, the post is missing pork loin. I definitely ate a lot of chicken breast, lean ground beef, eggs and lean beef (top round).

The Animal-Based, High Protein Diet for Weight Loss

Here is the introductory post, for more information, “High Protein Diet for Weight Loss“.

This is not the usual low fat diet, I have eaten  all animal-based foods since February 10, exactly six months.

Since July 1, (forty days ago) I have remained on the all animal-based diet, but I have also eaten lowER fat.

  • It is high protein, my goal was over 200 grams of protein every day.
  • It’s lower fat, my goal was under 100 grams per day. I know, compared to ‘conventional’ dietary advice that’s still high fat… I’ll explain when I compare nutritional macros.
  • Eating only animal-based products, meats (beef, poultry, pork, fish) and eggs, including offal.
  • Calorie restricted, my goal was sub-2,000 calories.

Protein Sparing Modified Fasts (PSMF)

Some call this lowER fat, higher protein diet a “Protein Sparing Modified Fast” or PSMF.

The diet I followed is high protein, lowER fat, and lowER calories.  However, a lot of the PSMF designed diets are in the 800 – 1,000 calorie range, mine was not.  Oh yeah, and there aren’t many (any?) who are doing PSMF, eating only animal-based foods.

For the rest of the post I’m calling it a PSMF – just understand it’s not a ‘fast’, it’s calorie, fat, carb restricted diet. And don’t credit me with naming it. :)

Nutritional Summaries

You can read the summary of my Full-Carnivore experience, “I Believe in Meat“..  In short, I loved it but …  didn’t see the body re-composition results I wanted.  In four months, I’d lost 1-2 lbs, and seen a slight change in re-composition. I wanted more…

Here are the nutritional macros for the 40 days of  the PSMF (at the bottom) compared to historical averages.

The “Historical” line is the approximate average over the past 8 years, following a “Low Carb Paleo” meal plan, for 8 years I thrived on this meal plan.  I didn’t need to change, but I love to experiment so I finally decided to try an All-Animal Based diet. I called my version of All-Animal based, “Full Carnivore”, the second line.

The third line is the PSMF diet I’ve been following for the last 40 days.

I won’t go into a lot of discussion here.  The data speaks for itself. This is per day averages.

  • Reduced calories by 471! … per day. Effortlessly, just eat lean and leanER protein.
  • Protein increased slightly by 2 grams. I went over 300 grams six times. :)
  • Reduced a whopping 55 grams of fat… per day!
  • Protein and fat traded places as the top two calorie contributors, all by simply eating lean and leanER cuts of meat.

More Data

This information was surprising and enlightening!  So much to discuss, will hit the highlights.

NOTE:  I kept meticulous records on foods consumed.  Only twice did I ‘guess’ and even then I knew the weight of the food before cooking, 1/4 beef patties from Wendy’s.

  • Highest Average Fasting Blood Glucose occurred in mid-range and even in the LOWEST protein consumption.
  • Average protein did not correlate to higher fasting blood sugar.
  • The only week I gained weight? Was the 2nd lowest calorie week (and only 2nd by 3 calories).
  • Blood Sugars – if you know me, you know I prefer to be in the 70’s and 80’s. My blood sugar rose and fell erratically.  Many variables affect blood sugars, including stress.  I have experienced a high level of stress that just happened to increase July 1, the day this PSMF experiment began.

Given those dietary changes what were the results?

High Protein Diet Results

  • My goal was fat-loss, not weight-loss. I ‘fought’ the weight-loss early on, trying to maintain weight by eating more.  However once I could see the results in the mirror… (and with Suze Morris’s urging), I went with it. Suze was my ‘coach’. She’s awesome, check out her links below in the Acknowledgements section.
  • I was normal weight when I began — and EVEN I LOST FAT AND WEIGHT almost effortlessly. I should say I exercise most days, but I did not increase my exercise during this experiment.

Note:   I am NOT done yet!  There is still fat to be lost…. but I am very excited at the results.

Here are pictures I took this morning.  I am very excited. :)

If you have reached a weight-loss or fat-loss stall, give it a try.  You have nothing to lose… but the fat. :)

This is almost effortless weight/fat loss. Yes I still exercised, but changed very little.

If you have any questions about the high protein, lowER fat diet details, check  out my introductory post, “High Protein Diet For Weight Loss“.

Acknowledgements: Motivators and Instigators

I need to give a shout out to those who have lead, pushed or assisted in this journey.

Suze Morris, a certified personal trainer, has helped me a lot. I found her on Twitter,  signed up for her Facebook group: “Zero Carb – The Sane Version“ and her Zero Carb Boot Camp.   I really like her  personality and nutritional philosophy.

L. Amber O’hearn: (KetoCarnivore on twitter)  She laid the intellectual groundwork for my full-carnivore experiment. Her websites are a *must* read. Because of her writings, once again I heard ‘the call’ of carnivory. Ketotic.org and her personal site Empiri.ca are two sites she writes about her nutritional research and personal experiences respectively.

Shawn Baker is an amazing guy.  He’s a 50 year old orthopedic surgeon… who has achieved amazing results on a low carb and now Zero Carb meal plan.  After seeing his results eating Zero Carb, I just had to try it. He shares his experiences on his twitter account, “@SBakerMD“ and “MeatHeals.com:.

Ted Naiman, a doctor who shares what works for him and his patients. He’s definitely been a ‘confirming voice’ on this low-fat experiment. Paraphrased, Ted’s philosophy is ‘If you want to lose fat, just eat low carb and use your body’s fat’. Check him out on twitter, “TedNaiman” and his website, “Burn Fat Not Sugar“.

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