High Protein Diet for Weight Loss

My latest full-carnivore experiment is a very high protein diet, eating nothing but animal-based foods. I’ve been eating a fully carnivorous diet (no plants) since 2/10/2017 (5+ months). With this latest experiment however, I am also going low fat. :)

  • Why go on a lower fat, very high protein diet
  • Details of the very high protein diet – what am I eating

Special thanks to Suze Morris who has been coaching me through this experiment. She’s a meat loving carnivore for sure. :) I’m actually in her bootcamp, a 30 day challenge.

Reach her on social media, Facebook group: “Zero Carb – The Sane Version“, Twitter or her website, “The Zero Carb Diet“. I love her site’s tagline, “Meat is Life… The Rest is Just A Garnish!”. Exactly! :)

Full Carnivore Macronutrients

Below is my macronutrient summary for my diabetic full-carnivore experiment.

I’ll discuss this later, just remember 2,243 calories with Fat 130 and Protein 238 grams.

Full Carnivore Body Re-composition

One of the main things I was wanting to see was ‘body re-composition’. While I was normal weight, I did have a ‘bicycle tire’ around my mid-section, with the accompanying ‘love handles’. Many had reported fat loss with an all-meat diet. I was hoping to ‘lean out’.

Full Carnivore Months 1 and 2: I was ‘free feeding’ on meat… my weight inched downward, and I did see slight body re-composition… but I wanted to see more.

Full Carnivore 3rd and 4th months: I decided to eat more responsibly months three and four. I never went hungry, I just didn’t gorge…. every day. :)

Again my weight inched lower, maybe a pound or two total, but my body re-composition, again was slight.

At this point, all was great… I was ‘loving’ eating only meat. I had no complaints at all physically or mentally, in anyway. I *was* hoping for more body re-composition.

Note: The lack of ‘my’ body re-composition is not a negative for an all-meat diet. Alcohol can (and does) stall my weight loss, as does cheese. I reduced their consumption but still consumed them.

Which leads me to why I did a VERY high protein diet.

Why Very High Protein Diet

In short… muscle retention or muscle sparing, while accomplishing fat loss.

Note: Some are calling what I am doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF). I really don’t like using that term. For one thing… I’m not fasting, I’m eating meat! :) Secondly, the PSMF diets are typically VERY low calorie… in the 800-1,000 calorie range.

Weight loss isn’t my goal … I really don’t want to lose weight but I do want to lose fat and ‘lean out’.

Looking at the macronutrients above …

 2,243 Calories with Fat 130 and Protein 238 grams

I started thinking. What if I reduced fats just 30 grams, to an even 100 grams while keeping my average protein around 238 grams and kept calories below 2,000. That might work I thought, I’ll just eat more leanER cuts of meat. … I can do that.

I had lost a lot of weight in the past (pre-diabetes diagnosis) on low-fat diets … the trouble was in maintaining weight loss. I know how to do that now.

Then I read L. Amber O’hearn’s informative post, “How Much Protein is Enough“. I read all of her references at the bottom of the post and started down the rabbit hole of “Protein Sparing Modified Fast’ (PSMF).

In short, it’s a diet of very low calories, high protein, very low fat and very low carb.

This fit in well with my plan. I was NOT going VERY low calories, but the concept made sense. Muscle loss is a problem with many diet plans, but by eating a very high protein diet… to save muscle, it should work.

Early results … it has!

My ultimate goal:  to lean-out and obtain a six-pack, not for health reasons… but for vanity reasons. :)

Zero Carb Bootcamp Challenge

Then I met Suze Morris, she’s a Personal Trainer and Zero Carb advocate.

She’s just what I needed … a no-nonsense, straight-shooting, personality. She knows the right buttons to push.

Bootcamp Nutritional Goals

My goals are exactly that, mine. They are based on my fitness, my exercise or activity levels. Too… I’m an experienced ‘nutritional experimenter’ who’s been very low carb for years, and Zero Carb for over five months.

Suze suggested I keep fat at a maximum of 144 grams and eat 200 or more grams of protein.

After I told her the goals I had in mind (100 grams max on fat, 200 or more grams of protein), she agreed but cautioned that if I needed to add fat, do so. I told her, that wouldn’t be a problem, lol! But, that’s why I’ll have a highER fat day occasionally, but follow it up with lowER fat days.

High Protein Diet Foods

During this Bootcamp I have eaten low fat most days, sub 100 grams. If I do go highER fat one day, the next day or two I’ll go 60-80 g range to even it out.

I have not been above Suze’s 144 gram maximum fat limit nor have I consumed less than 200 grams of protein.

I usually skip breakfast (intermittent fast), eating only lunch and dinner. Rarely, I’ll eat a bite or two of protein before bed, if I am hungry.

Note: I rarely eat any ‘visible fat’, if I do its on a very low-fat day. Also, I have eaten no cheese since July 1st… three weeks! I am still drinking wine, but only occasionally and only a glass or two, max.

High Protein, Low Fat Food List

Basically any lean meats are great, even fattier cuts are ok, if you eat them in moderation and stay within your macros.

  • chicken breasts – I usually cook on low temps, to retain what little fat there is.
  • pork loin – cook on low heat to preserve fat if you can.
  • top round steak – sometimes called a london broil (and round roasts/steaks)
  • mackerel, salmon, tuna, sardines
  • ground beef 93%
  • ground beef 80% or lower lean – if at home, I will rinse with boiling water
  • eggs … whole eggs and yes, I’ve eaten egg whites :)
  • protein whey isolate
  • chuck roast, beef shoulder roast, I’ll go low fat next couple of days if I eat these.

Early Results

Early results have been awesome! Down 6.4 lbs in three weeks, and I started at ‘normal’ weight. I’m trying to stabilize weight loss while losing fat and gaining muscle. We shall see. :)

The great thing about a High Protein Diet in general… protein will keep you sated!

I am eating meat, losing fat… and drinking a little wine. I can have my wine…and fat loss too. :)

When I reach my desired level of leanness … I’ll go to weight maintenance, eating fatty meats again.

I can’t wait!

If your diet isn’t working … give this a try.

PS – Exercise? I have added core exercises, specifically at Suze’s suggestion. I do a lot of intense exercise but I rarely do core work specifically. So I also thank her for that. :)

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