Low Carb Paleo Burrito

You should learn to ‘play’ with your food. This burrito is a delicious diabetes friendly burrito and it’s low carb paleo.

  • open your mind to being creative in the kitchen… and in LIVING!
  • an omelette makes an incredibly delicious and nutritious burrito!


I was thinking of doing omelette’s when the idea came to me.  Instead of ‘folding’ over the omelette’s, why not roll them up like a burrito!?!

diabetes friendly burrito


Before attempting this EASY and simple dish you may want to check out this post on Omelette making. Making omelettes is so easy, once you learn how to make them properly.


Low Carb Paleo Burrito

The key? Making sure you have plenty of fat in the skillet.

The thing I love about these burritos, you can hold them and eat them like a regular burrito. I really could NOT be happier with how these turned out.

The fillings for YOUR Egg Burrito can be ANY thing you want. I recommend meats and veggies or just meats. :)  Don’t be turned off by my ‘fillings’, I chose braised salmon and seaweed. … yes… you heard right… seaweed.  It has the consitency of a coarse green similar to collards.  But again… you can use YOUR favorite meat and vegetables!

Omelette’s and these Burritos only take a few minutes to prepare once the ‘fillings’ are cooked. So cook yours ahead of time and have ready prior to omelette’s final preparation.  We’ll begin our steps assuming the fillings are prepared. :)


Fat is the Key

1) Apply PLENTY of fat to the bottom of a large skillet or pan.  MAKE SURE it is WELL COATED.

That is the SINGLE most important factor in making omelette’s or egg burritos.

I also tilt the pan from side to side to make sure the pan is well lubricated on the walls of the skillet.

I always use Coconut Oil when making omelette’s or egg burritos …. for me, it seems to work a little better than butter… but do what you like best. Experiment!   If you ‘mess up’ … no worries, you have scrambled eggs! :)


2) Preheat the pan, until the fat bubbles. I cooked these on medium heat.


3) Beat eggs and pour onto the well heated skillet.  I used four eggs… it came out perfectly, sometimes I add heavy cream, sour cream or even full fat yogurt to the eggs when beating them, I did not today.


4) Tilt the skillet side to side to make sure the eggs cover the bottom of the skillet uniformly. (see below)

diabetes friendly burrito
Beat Eggs and pour into a skillet


4)  Remove from the pan onto a plate or platter.

a) Take a spatula and slide beneath the egg and the skillet to make sure it’s not sticking … if you did your job correctly with the fats… this will be an easy step.

b) Holding the skillet over the ‘receiving plate’ carefully lift and slide the egg onto the plate. …. see below. :)


diabetes friendly burrito


5) Add your fillings – I was careful to make the layers thin… not a large ”pile’ of fillings… but the fillings were ample. :))

In today’s meal I added seaweed, cheese and  salmon…. BUT AGAIN… add your favorites!

Next time I will have greens, sausage and cheese. … :))


diabetes friendly burrito


6)   Roll up your egg burrito. I can’t believe how easy this was!!!

Just to STRESS the importance of making sure you have enough grease/fat … the rest is SO EASY!!


diabetes friendly burrito


More pictures of the egg burrito ….   does that not look fantastic!

And like I noted earlier … it’s so much like a ‘regular’ burrito!


diabetes friendly burrito


Check out other sections of my website relating to foods… remember, these are ALL… TRULY DIABETIC FRIENDLY! :)

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