What is Diabetes-Warrior.net about?

In short…

a) To shine light where there is darkness.

b) To motivate, educate and entertain.

c) To shame, embarrass and harass the ADA and their Minions…. all those that profit from selling harmful dietary advice to diabetics.

If what you are about to read on this or any other page on this site is new information to you… PLEASE do NOT dismiss without due diligence. I urge you to investigate the information… IT will likely save or extend your life.

The dietary / exercising advice applies to all. The site is focused on providing information regarding a TRUE diabetic meal plan… to assist diabetics in winning not only the daily battles with Diabetes…but to ultimately win the lifelong war. MANY Type 1 and Type 2’s are doing JUST THAT by using the information on this website.

The American Diabetes Association diet or Food Pyramid is NOT going to help the typical diabetic improve their health.

In all likelihood, if you follow the Diabetes foundation Meal Plan … you will require an ever increasing amount of drugs and insulin as your body becomes more and more insulin resistant.  Meanwhile, your vital organs will be damaged by the lack of Blood Glucose control,  ultimately leading to organ failure.


… YOU do not have to go down that path of destruction.

Here is my meal plan… check it out. This is how we should all eat, especially Diabetics.

Do you need “hands on” support to transition to a healthy lifestyle? Click Here.

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