Steve’s Diabetic Fitness Videos

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I am proud of what I have accomplished… but I really don’t think I am bragging.. Why? It’s not where I am that is important, it’s how far I have come. There will always be someone faster, stronger more agile…

I am hoping you will see how far I have come and decide that…. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

I was an obese diabetic…. now I’m just a diabetic with normal blood sugars, drug and insulin free. :))

Just start out doing what you can comfortably… and try to do a little more every day. It really is THAT simple.

I started out walking and doing light weight exercises…. if I can do it… so can YOU!

Steve and Burpee Section

100 Burpees in 8:28 Yes, I’m proud of this… it was July ’10. :)


Ok… weighted vest Burpees … I was proud of this too. :)


Snow Activity Vids
Snow Burpees

…. ah HAHAHAHA! :)

Barefoot, Shirtless…. runs in the Snow

High School Workouts

My Favorite Workout Video… because it has my baby… MAX! :)

Bleacher Work

Low Impact, Intense Bleacher Workout Weighted Vest, Kettle Bell Bleacher Work

Basketball and Play Ground Vids
Basketball with my son, July ’10… I beat him… not too proud of that… WOO HOOOO!!! lol .

This was after playing basketball … on the playground. :)

Wrightsville Beach, NC trip … not so much exercise in this video as it is beach scenes. Although I did jumping jacks, push ups and beach sprints on the trip, as well as swim in the cold ocean. :)


Do you need “hands on” support to transition to a healthy lifestyle? Click Here.


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