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What is the key to successfully managing diabetes?   The foods we consume are THE most important factor. We will discuss a true Diabetes Food Chart, designed to help diabetics obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars. I call it a ‘low carb paleo’ diabetes meal plan.

  • a truly diabetes friendly food chart
  • foods you can eat daily
  • foods to avoid


The diabetes food chart below is unlike most, it has been tested and it has been proven to help diabetics.  If you will follow this diabetes food chart it will help you reduce blood sugars.

Diabetes Food Chart


Most other diabetes food charts are high carb, grain based charts that promote elevated blood sugars and ever increasing drug requirements. Why is that? They were designed and are promoted by the Medical Industry, Big Food and drug companies, entities that profit from diabetes.


Diabetes Friendly Food Chart

Let’s look at the diabetes food chart above, level by level.

Note: The base of the chart or pyramid is wider, these are the foods you need to eat the most. As you move up the chart, those are foods you can eat less.

  • The Base – MEATS! All meats are ok to eat, but fatty meats are even better.  Fatty meats are the cornerstone of my personal diabetes meal plan and therefore are the base of this diabetes food chart. If I do eat lean cuts, I usually add butter. Meats to eat include all beef, pork, poultry, fish and seafood!


My first choice for fish is Wild Planet and my favorite product is Wild Sardines in Spring Water.  They sell other products including salmon, tuna, etc.sardines are diabetes friendly

Note: Some organ meats  and seafood (like oysters) can raise blood sugars, so eat small amounts, an ounce or two and test your blood sugars.

  • Eggs – Eat all the eggs you want.  On average I eat a dozen or two per week. Eggs have beneficial fats including cholesterol, if you think either is harmful read this post.  Eggs could easily be on the base of my personal diabetes food chart.
  • Cheeses do not raise my blood sugars, so they are ‘free to eat’, however when  I eat cheeses, I tend to over-eat them.  Cheeses can stall a weight loss and even cause me to add weight, so be careful.


Note:  Avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils, this includes margarine and corn oils etc.

  • Fibrous Vegetables –  I personally eat a ‘handful’ of leafy green veggies most meals, but not every meal.   The key to this meal plan is to limit carbohydrates to 30 grams or even less.  Therefore I would not eat 10 cups of vegetables per day… ugh. :)
  • Nuts are healthy and beneficial, I love them. however too many of them can and will raise your blood sugars.  If you eat them, only eat a handful a day, about an ounce.
  • Fibrous Fruits – There are two fruits I eat. Avocado and berries… such as raspberries, cranberries, blueberries and blackberries. And I eat them very sparingly, typically only in season or on special occasions.What you do is up to you … but as in all things you must test your blood sugars. Sugars (and starches) spike blood sugars, it doesn’t matter the source … honey, berries, fruits or the sugar bowl.



This Diabetes Food Chart Works

I follow the diabetes food chart above and it works!  Many others have as well.  As long as you stay below 30 grams of total carbohydrates (or less) your blood sugars should begin to fall.  I normally suggest eating only fatty meats, leafy greens, eggs, butter and coconut oil until your blood sugars fall into normal ranges.

I have shown you a true diabetes food chart. The rest is up to you.  YOU can obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars… I did.

For more complete and detailed dietary information including what foods you should avoid,  check out this page,  on my low carb paleo “Diabetes Meal Plan“.



* ** While following a low carb paleo dietary approach, please monitor your blood sugars carefully and reduce medications appropriately to prevent lows. I eliminated my Diabetes Drugs (and Insulin) when my Overnight Fasting Blood Glucose levels were consistently in the 70-90 range.

*** See my disclaimer, bottom left of every page on my website. :)


Ebook: How to Reduce Blood Sugars

Ebook: How to Reduce Blood Sugars

If your blood sugars are elevated and you can not achieve my numbers even after following the diabetes food chart above…

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