Diabetes Educators…. Booming Business!

Diabetes is a booming business! Actually sickness and the ‘medical industry’ is a booming industry.

  • Diabetes at epidemic levels
  • Growing sickness and disease fuels medical industry growth


I want people to realize that the Medical Industry, Big Food and Big Pharma not only profit from the increase in poor health and disease all across the globe, but are also helping to fuel the  growth of disease and poor health.



The ‘war on diabetes’ has been an abysmal failure.  The more we spend on nutrition education, diabetes care and prevention… the higher the rates of diabetes climb. This should make you question the advice from the medical industry (doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators).


Diabetes is a Booming Business

Apparently the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) is very PROUD to announce that there are 50 job openings.  They are almost giddy with excitement, see the exclamation point below?



Isn’t this fantastic NEWS?!?!  …. not exactly.

It is not fantastic news for the general population. It’s only fantastic news if you are a diabetes educator.


Thanks Big Food

Due to the high carb, grain-based meal plan promoted by Big Food and the Medical Industry, business is BOOMING!!!

Which is horrible news… for everyone except those that profit from diabetes.

Does anyone find it odd, the American Diabetes Ass. (ADA) and the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators (AADE)  promote a meal plan that guarantees a steadily increasing supply of “clients’?

Congratulations ADA and AADE, your efforts are paying off!! JOB WELL DONE!!!   The Medical Industry, Big Food and Big Pharma are profiting nicely.

The ADA has much deserved the payoffs …excuse me…the “contributions” they’ve received from  BIG PHARMA.    Don’t believe it? Read this post, “$31 Millions Reasons“.

Stop the INSANITY!!!   The 40 yr Low Fat, High Carb food experiment has been an abysmal failure!!!


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  1. Tina Brandenburg

    I would love to apply for one of these jobs and begin leading these people in the right direction….Steve, how quick do you think the ADA will fire me?? LOL

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