When is diabetic friendly… NOT?

We have all seen ads for “Diabetic Friendly” products.

More times than not… they are not for DIABETICS and they are NOT Friendly to anyone…least of all DIABETICS.

To be fair, neither Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF) nor the manufacturer promoted this as “diabetic friendly’.

To be blunt, I see this as yet another deception. I mean….here is  the DHF allowing a “cookie’ maker to be a sponsor. Surely, DHF would not allow a product harmful to Diabetics sponsor a party for DIABETIC KIDS? Would they??? … let’s see.

Above is the Post/Advertisement.

…how many read that as the cookie being “No sugar added? ”  … I must admit I did… but that is referring to a poetry book. I am SURE that was not intentional…after all DHF would not want to mislead diabetics…..

IF you click on the link you are brought to the cookie company’s main website. On the main page there are several testimonies that quite frankly…mean nothing to me.

The testimonial to the right is from an “endocrinologist”….oooohhh ahhhh, all bow to the endo.  Ok… I am being disrespectful. I apologize. I respect ALL doctors until they prove unworthy of respect.  When you read the nutritional comparison… you’ll see why I am disrespectful and why I say… “I bet this endocrinologist says the same thing about Cheerios, oatmeal, pasta, grains, brown rice, whole grain breads, …. ALL the High Carb foods at the bottom of the ADA Food Pyramid.”  You know, the foods according to the ADA we should eat 6-11 servings of AND which I NO LONGER EAT!  ….and neither should you.

THIS product must REALLY Be good for you… after all NOT only does DHF  “PUSH” the product… EVEN an endocrinologist is “pimping” the cookie.

But it gets EVEN BETTER… DLIFE is ALSO Pimping the cookie. Click here to see the web page where DLIFE’s logo is affixed.

… let’ s move on and take a closer look…. shall we?

Next, we will compare nutritional information for some of the selected cookies /candies to see if the granola cookie compares favorably.  Below is the nutritional labels for three that I have chosen.   See if you can tell which  Nutritional Label belongs to the Diabetes Hand Foundation’s hand picked sponsor for a Diabetic KIDS party.

It is not easy to compare since the first one is a  1  1/4 oz servings so on the spreadsheet below, I converted all servings to 1 oz for easier comparison.

Soooo….according to this information, which was either provided by the manufacturer (for the cookie) or by nutritiondata.com, we can draw some conclusions.

ALL are about the same in regards to their nutritional information….which is very sad.  Since …ONLY one is being promoted to Diabetics… even Diabetic Kids. Only ONE is being endorsed by an Endocrinologist and ONLY one is being PROMOTED by Diabetes Hand Foundation.


PRODUCT A = which has the highest Carb total and the 2nd highest SUGAR total is the Granola “cookie” being pushed onto Diabetic Kids.

Product B = Twix … the Peanut Butter Cookie BAR!!!!! Health wise , and I use that term loosely, is essentially the same as DHF’s product… I would not touch either!!

Product C = SNICKER’s Marathon Double Chocolate Nut Bar… has less carbs, less sugar and MORE PROTEIN!!!  A SNICKERS BAR is better for Diabetics, it is a more healthier than DHF’s choice….the one they are “pushing” on the DIABETIC KIDS!!!!

Do YOU NOW see the INSANITY OF THIS!!! OUNCE PER OUNCE the cookie promoted to Diabetic Kids is WORSE than a Snickers Marathon BAR!!! Candy companies have large stones…but I don’t think EVEN they have Endos pimping their products.

Do NOT trust Diabetes Hands Foundation NOR any ADA MINION…. you do so at YOUR peril.
DHF owes us ALL an apology IMHO.

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