1970-2004 USDA Nutritional Info

A revealing look into the USDA nutrition information from 1974 compared to 2004. Will it provide guidance as to what has caused the obesity and diabetes epidemic?

  • Which ingredients and macronutrients have increased over the last 34 years?
  • Has the population been generally following the nutritional guidelines?


From the United States’ own governmental nutrition data, from (1970-2004), we will look at the various components to see just what the US is eating.  During this time period obesity and diabetes has skyrocketed… could ‘foods eaten’ be the cause?

Has the US eaten differently since 1970? If so, what has changed in the diet of Americans that could have lead to the obesity and diabetes epidemic.



Nutritional Changes Since 1970

Let’s see… obesity and diabetes have skyrocketed since 1970. Experts and those in the government responsible for overseeing the health and fitness of Americans … should be looking at this data. I did.

So what does it show?


Saturated Fat Consumption Increased

Aha … I KNEW IT!  That settles it, no need to look further. Experts told us to avoid saturated fats, and that must be the cause of all that ails us.

Wait…  Saturated fats increased only 9.8% since 1970! That doesn’t seem like that would have caused the raging epidemic.

Since my diabetes diagnosis in 2009, I’ve done a lot of nutritional research. I thought the obesity and diabetes epidemic was caused by Sugar and Carbohydrate consumption … could I be wrong?

Could the American Diabetes Association be right, could Saturated Fat be causing the Obesity and Diabetes EXPLOSION???

… I’ll keep looking.


Total Fat Consumption Increased 23%

Hmmm, while Saturated Fat’s percentage of consumption did increase 9.8% per ca-pita but TOTAL Fat increased 23% in those 34 yrs. Therefore it would appear that other types of fats increased EVEN more.



Polyunsaturated Fats increased 48%

Woa!  Startling… is it not!

All of the ‘experts’ have been telling the American people to eat more vegetable oils and margarine, laden with polyunsaturated fats… and the American public did!

How’s eating all that industrial vegetable oil working out for you???


Monounsaturated fats were up too… 36% … 3.6 X more increase than saturated fats.


Carbohydrate Consumption Increased 22%

Carbohydrates can be many foods, there was no detail but I suspect much of this is from sugar laden, glutenous foods that Big Food claims are ‘heart healthy’. This includes cereals, ‘diet bars’, bread, cakes, cookies and pasta. No doubt a fair chunk of this increase is from ‘sweet drinks’.


Dietary Fiber Increased 31.6%


Experts instructed us to eat less meat and eat more fiber including grains, cereals, breads, fruits and vegetables.

Guess what??  American did it!! The US’s fiber increased 31.6% … and during that time the obesity and diabetes epidemic, exploded!


Cholesterol Decreased 6.5%



Cholesterol decreased over 6% the last 30 years.

At this point, if you haven’t done so earlier … you should be asking yourself… WTF?

Heart disease is THE #1  cause of death in the UNITED STATES.

Yet, we’ve increased fiber and decreased dietary cholesterol over the past 34 years.

WTF!? …indeed.


Nutrition Guidelines

To some extent the US has improved it’s diet… according to the nutritional guidelines.

More fiber, more polyunsaturated fats, less dietary cholesterol.

With improvements in those categories… you would not expect an EXPLOSION in obesity and diabetes.

Fiber consumption has increased 31% since 1970… think about that … you’d think we’d be losing weight.

Governmental nutrition guidelines are strongly influenced by Big Food and their well paid lobbyists. Nutritional ‘experts’ memorize information from tainted nutritional studies. Studies that Big Food bought and paid for. Listening to the shills of Big Food … has caused much pain and suffering, needlessly.

Nutritional guidelines DO NOT benefit the people.

Nutritional guidelines DO benefit Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.


Low Carb Paleo

This post sure adds credence to the paleo/primal assertions that saturated fats do NOT cause obesity nor diabetes… carbs and “processed foods”  do.  Processed foods typically contain sugar, gluten, and polyunsaturated fats (vegetable oils).

GIVEN all this information what would you do?

For the last eight years I’ve followed a ‘low carb paleo’ meal plan. Eating ‘real’ low carb foods, primarily fatty meats, eggs and leafy green vegetables with the occasional nuts and berries.

If you need more ‘proof’, check out these posts.

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