Ups & Downs of Blood Sugar Control…uh huh… 3

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) …wait… bleh! … I get a bad taste in my mouth … EVERY TIME I type those words. :(

I apologize for being sidetracked…where were we? Oh… yes….

One of the ADA’s many websites published an article that was so insightful … it incited anger … imagine that?

The title of the article is “The Ups and Downs of Blood Glucose“.   This was a simple, short and purely informational post showing how three hypothetical persons’ blood sugar readings might look … if they were hooked up to a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device.

Here’s the chart from the post below.

This article including the graph disgusts me… why?

This is just another way to ‘dumb down‘ diabetics into believing that high blood sugar is ‘ok’.

Why in the HELL would you use an A1C of 8 … when ‘teaching diabetics’???

Note: An A1C test is used to measure blood sugar levels over a longer period of time. This is noted at the bottom of the picture above.

Do you know what an A1C of 8 is indicative of regarding actual blood sugar? It is approximately an AVERAGE of 207 mg/dl !!!! (11.6 mmol/l)    EVEN IF A diabetic maintained that day and night that is WAY ABOVE the blood sugar levels that are harmful to cells, organs and LIFE!

If I were going to teach diabetics about good blood sugar control … if that were my goal…I’d show an A1C of … I don’t know … maybe 5.5 … that at least an average in the upper ranges of what the ADA calls ‘normal’.

AND if you are going to use an A1C of 8 … at least have the decency to ANNOUNCE that this is too high and damaging… I mean… do that if you give a damn about diabetics.


This reminds me of the ADA’s publicizing of the Accord studies which erroneously concluded that ‘strict’ blood sugar control did not improve mortality rates…. like much that the ADA does… that is immoral, unethical and should be illegal!  (I posted about them here.) The closer a diabetic can maintain ‘normal’ blood sugar…the more healthy they will be.    THE PROBLEM …  you can’t get there eating the high carb (high grain) meal plan of the ADA!  So they do all they can to ‘justify’ it… it’s shameful.


Say NO to the ADA and their high carb meal plan … it does NOT benefit diabetics.

IT DOES benefit Monsanto and Large Pharmaceutical companies … here’s 19 million reasons why


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