100 mile Challenge in 30 days

What is THE 100 Mile Challenge in 30 days???

Answer: It is to attempt to run, walk or crawl 100 miles in the next 30 days.

I’ve already started… but you can begin ANY TIME… like…right now for instance! :)

Go here and join this group if you want to “go public” …if not, JUST BEGIN!!! :) http://groups.to/100milesin30daychallenge/

Let me say that this “100 Mile Challenge in 30 days” was not my idea. Yes, I was once up to running 10 miles on alternating days (over a year ago) , but I have not run for distance in quite a while…. about five months ago to be more exact.

Occasionally, I will run 2-4 miles, about once every couple of weeks. The bulk of my workouts involve weight resistance, plyometrics (intense cardio) and walking.  You can view vids of great exercises HERE…. each exercise video is scalable …it starts out for the beginner and adds intensity for those more experienced…. so there is NO EXCUSE for not doing them.

Back to the CHALLENGE!

… some friends including Patricia Weitzel and Karen Gale have been running several times a week and it made me think about running more often… and then Elena Mueller said that she was about to begin another 30 day, 100 mile challenge. She mentioned that during her last challenge, she had fallen short but had lost 20+ pounds while doing so…. hmmmm ….. Steve’s OLD Diabetic, ketone infused brain started thinking, dangerous I know, :)   I thought about it and decided to jump into the challenge….. here’s why.

1) I don’t want to lose weight… but I do still want  a “six pack”…. this may help me lean out….

2)  I was curious how my body would react to “100 miles in 30 days”, specifically my blood glucose readings.  Back in the spring, I did run 4, 6, 8 and 10 miles in successive days… but it was only 4 days. You can read about that experience here… I was VERY low carb then as well….eating butter for breakfast. Give it a read. :))

3) Most importantly… I was hoping it may encourage some of you who do NOT exercise at all or very little… to get more active in your daily lives. EVEN if you fall short… join us and get started moving.

Everyone should exercise daily. This is especially true for diabetics. It can be a walk, jog, sprint, weight resistance…. but exercise is an important tool for diabetes management, it aids in improving blood sugar control. Exercise with a proper low carb primal diabetic diet is VITAL for living a long, fulfilling life.  Click here for the “diabetes diet” that I personally follow.

In an attempt to encourage people to try Low Carb Primal  … I often ask, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

Answer: YOU can lose weight, improve your health and reduce medications!!

I’ll repeat the same question to all of YOU in regards to the 100 mile challenge in 30 days….

What is the worst thing that could happen???

Answer:  You don’t run 100 miles BUT in the process you ….  Lose weight, improve your health and reduce medications?



As I mentioned above, I want to test how this “challenge” affects my blood glucose readings… my next post re: The Challenge will update the “stats” .

Use this link to sign up for the Facebook group.


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