100 Mile Challenge….Challenge.

You know how Facebook is… you scroll through pages (screens) of activity…. or at least I do, looking for “stuff”.

I am looking for …..

  • Something of value to “repost”. I LOVE looking for content to repost on Facebook/Twitter…. why?

    • Sharing valuable information is THE best thing about “social media” such as Facebook. There is much GREAT information on social media sites…and there is MUCH that is “garbage” in my honest opinion.
    • I love to “share” someone else’s posts because it let’s them know that their effort to share information was worthwhile.
  • Looking for a comment to respond to… here I am looking for something to “like” if I approve or a post that I feel like responding to.   This is typically a congratulations for a job well done or a “pick me up” comment for someone who may have had a bad day.  This is also the BEST thing about social media…yes there are two “bestes” :))   The ability to build support groups among like minded individuals.That’s how “we roll” on Facebook/Twitter.  “We” help motivate, educate…and occasionally entertain one another. :)

As I was reading through posts/comments,  I found something that caught my attention…. Robert Duling posted about something that made me comment and repost.

He has been a Facebook friend for some time now. I do not know Robert other than what I read on Facebook.  For now, I’ll just say that I envy his swimming pool and I don’t care for his choice of college teams…but I”ll leave it at that.  (I’m a Tarheel!)

Robert has joined with many of us in attempting to Run/Walk/Crawl 100 miles in 30 days. You can learn more about it by clicking  HERE. He’s also added an interesting twist and I just had to mention it, below is his exercise entry post.

Robert is NOT ONLY walking for his health…  he’s not “just” walking… he’s also picking up trash from the road side…. and has challenged himself to pick up a TON of trash!!

Congratulations Robert on taking positive action for your health and … thanks too for showing us that we can do OUR part to help the environment.