My Primal Cooking… my my my Chicken Thighs

My my my ... broiled chicken thighs! ( I also love braising chicken thighs in my cast iron skillet.)

I posted a picture showing eggs and bacon being cooked in the bottom of a broiler pan… several people mentioned that this helped them. Since a couple mentioned it as being useful and actually said so… there’s likely more who could benefit.  Hence I created this post.

I often cook a pound or two of bacon, not just for the bacon itself but also for rendering bacon fat.  I love cooking with bacon fat! After rendering the fat, I rarely wash the broiler pan right away…. typically I’ll cook my next meal in the broiler pan. I mean… come ON, it’s already greased… am I RIGHT?!?!   Of course I am. :)

To the right is a picture of bacon I broiled recently, is it NOT beautiful!!!   Now… where was I??? Oh yeah…  :)

After broiling the bacon and draining off the bacon fat into a sealed container (glass preferably) your broiler pan is ready for MORE action.  No greasing of the broiler pan required. :)


IF you want to broil foods without cooking bacon first… NO PROBLEM!  However, if cooking lean meats such as chicken breasts, pork chops, eggs etc…. I always coat the bottom of the broiler pan with bacon fat or coconut oil. I prefer bacon fat because it has the awesomely added benefit of ADDING BACON FLAVOR to whatever it is that you are cooking!!!

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Primal Chicken Thighs

1) Using a greased broiler pan … place the chicken thighs in the bottom of a greased Broiler Pan. I always place ‘skin side’ down… it’s fatty and will make sure there is no sticking.

2)  Season now if desired … I often season with Tony Chachere’s and a hot sauce.  In this instance I did not season … chicken thighs are so high in fat and if cooked with the skin (preferred) there is NO shortage of flavor, especially if you brown the skin. :)

3) If you are in a hurry,  you can broil on high… if not broil on low. Make sure to check it every couple of minutes, I typically broil each side for about 10 minutes.

4) Chicken Thighs are thick and when I am in a hurry, after I have browned both sides I slice the thighs almost in half, cutting alongside the bone and cook for another 5 minutes. At this point the skin side should be on top… allowing for a nice browning of the skin.  Twenty-five minutes is usually enough time to cook thoroughly.

5) After withdrawing from the oven, I turn the thighs a couple of times in the pan. This allows them to cool … and ‘coats’ them in the wonderful chicken thigh ‘juice’… which makes them AWESOME!!!!  :))

6) I usually remove the chicken thighs from the broiler pan and place in a large glass bowl.  I then pour the remaining ‘juice’ into a plastic bowl suitable for freezing (after the juice has cooled).

The chicken ‘juice’ makes GREAT STOCK for soups … add in the chicken bones as I do and save for another BONE BROTH SOUP! :)  Below is a picture of the ‘remnants’ :) … bits of skin, fat and JUICE!!! :))

**Note: This is NOW a great time to cook another dish in the broiler pan… eggs cooked in this mixture is … to die FOR!!! :)

Lastly:  … Check out this post for the REAL  Paleo way people should eat CHICKEN (click here) …and how chicken bones should appear after real PRIMAL people eat them.   I say this tongue in cheek… but this is the way I eat chicken. :))

** I can not cook chicken thighs without thinking of Heather Cooan … she said, “Chicken thighs are like F’ing candy!” … so true. :))

They truly do taste sweet to me… another benefit of going low carb paleo… foods taste BETTER!!!

Hope this post benefits YOU in your journey towards health and happiness… NOW … GO LOW CARB PALEO!!! :)

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