Epidemic of Misery

There is a growing epidemic of misery.

The obesity/diabetes epidemic is growing daily.  Here is a recent report, “Diabetes Doubles”.

The number of adults with diabetes worldwide has more than doubled since 1980, with almost 350 million now affected…

Think about that for a moment, the number of diabetics in the world doubled in 30 years to 350 million.  That’s roughly the current population of the United States.

Think about how diabetes ends for those that follow a Carb Up Shoot Up treatment plan. It isn’t too far from the movie … sadly.

Many people expect the rate of newly diagnosed diabetics to skyrocket but let’s assume that the rate stays the same, what if the number of diabetics doubled in 30 more years?

By the way this is conservative, many are expecting exponential growth.

That would mean 60 million diabetics in the US and 700 million world-wide.

There are many costs associated with these numbers, here’s a post I wrote ‘Cost of Diabetes‘.  The cost is more than monetary numbers as  there is life and opportunity costs …. but just sticking to financial terms.

Medical care will indeed be rationed,  ‘we’ will have to divert resources to treat more and more people affected by the epidemic.    All of those who will have ‘high cholesterol’, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, arthritis and respiratory issues will need attention.  These are resources that could be put to better use.

If you think healthcare costs are high now?  Wait 30 more years.

For us  to change this trend, we need to change what we are doing.  We can not continue down this path and THRIVE.  You think our budget constraints world-wide are bad now?  Wait until diabetes and all of the other associated metabolic diseases double.

There is NO way our quality of life as we know it will survive.

SO … obviously ‘we’ need to change what we are doing or things will continue to worsen.

For the past 40 years, a low-fat, high carb grain based meal plan has been pushed to peoples of the world and the results have been a disaster.

This “Epidemic of Misery” is skyrocketing.  This will benefit Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.  It will not benefit ‘the people’.
I too suffered from poor health, here’s a list of the “drugs I took” and “ailments then and now“.  The epidemic can be slowed, it can even be reversed but people must change.


There is a better way and it starts by following a low carb meal plan like this,  Diabetes Meal Plan.