Primal X and Mini-update on lowER fat experiment.

Two days ago I discovered that the high school had left me a couple of toys to play with … I had never noticed these before… I was ELATED!  both are in the picture above!

NO! Not my wife Tammy!! … the toys are (1) the sled and (2) the tire in the bottom right of the picture. :)

BTW, Tammy took great joy in making my workout more difficult… when I asked if she would stand on the sled she quickly agreed…. anything to help…  :)

Sunday’s X 6/26/11 … went to the high school ran sprints, a couple of 1/4 mile laps as well as my normal plyometric ‘routine’ … hops, jumps, squats etc.  I also added 110 yards of BEAR CRAWLS. That’s when I discovered the tire and sled!!!!! …   RAWR!!!! :)

Monday’s X 6/27/11 …. not sure how long I would have access to the sled and tire I decided to ‘play with them’ two days in a row and made this my primary eXercise for the day.  First I warmed up with track sprinting and plyometrics and then I ‘got down to business’.

I performed 50+ tire flips and pushed the sled (minus Tammy) for over 120 yards.

Here is the video sampling of the workout. :)

If you have trouble viewing the video…click here!



1. Notice the men at the high school, standing in the shade… I’m sure they think I’m crazy.

2. I knew it felt HOT! … but didn’t know until we got home and checked, it was 95 degrees!!

….  which leads me to the next section of the post….


lowER fat update

For those that may not know that I went ‘lowER fat’, here’s the original post, it talks about the why, whats etc.  ‘My lowER fat experiment‘.

Today is the half way point of my experiment and the results have been ALL  GOOD!

As you can tell from my workouts … my energy level has not decreased.

Despite going from 65% fat to 77% fat to my current 53% fat … I’ve noted NO… -0- change in my energy level.  This has been a pleasant surprise. I feel certain KETONES are somewhat to blame for that. :)


GO PRIMAL!!! … or go HOME! :)


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet,not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)