Survey SAYS!

Yesterday I conducted my first ever Diabetes-Warrior Survey, I should have surveyed A LONG TIME AGO.

THANKS to all who participated!

If you did not complete the survy PLEASE DO, by clicking “Here” or on the link above.

If you are reading this post and it’s next week, next month or next year… your feedback is still welcomed and important to me.

I was surprised at the most of the results, although there are some caveats born out in the survey results themselves that I will address in the post.

Let’s jump in.





1)  Are you diabetic?


I was REALLY surprised by this number 69%, I almost thought about not including the question and that would have been a mistake!

Yes I state that my blog applies to all but even I was shocked at this number, more than 2/3’s of the respondents of this poll were Non-Diabetics.

It’s true that much of what I do applies to everyone, not just diabetics. It’s also true that much of the world’s population is overweight and obese which is evidence of an impaired metabolism… and a low carb paleo meal plan is best for that situation.   So the blog’s mission truly does apply to almost everyone, especially when considering spouses of those affected.

Which leads me to another possible factor that can explain the surprising results. In many cases the spouses, parents or children of diabetics read my articles  and try to help their loved ones.

Still.. I was very surprised at this result.


2)  How often do you read the blog?   Only options were daily, weekly and monthly.

No real surprise here, except that I’m honored that 23% report to reading the blog daily. Thank you.

Obviously if these results apply to ALL the readers of the blog, a significant number of readers have not seen the post. However, the percentage spreads are so large, I doubt the results will change significantly.


3)  How is the tone of the blog?  Options are listed below.

This next question was a ‘biggie’ for me.   I honestly feel as if I am too negative, too often.


I took a big sigh of relief when I read these results.  I will add that a couple of people who answered  ‘About Right”,  later in the survey made comments that implied or stated there was too much attention to the American Diabetes Association.

Still a lopsided majority felt that the blogs ‘tone’ was “About Right”.   Surprisingly … 14% felt that I did not do enough… and I bet I know who they are!!! :)


4)  More Product / Food / Equipment Reviews? 

This was a wasted question… I should have seen it coming. Only one person said ‘No”.   I live and I learn. :)

Next time I’ll split it off into separate questions.


5)  Future Topics?   

I received great results on this question.

Diabetes Prevention, More BBQ Brawls, dawn phenomenon, cholesterol, ADA Minion debates and negligent doctors, causes of diabetes, how to recover from neuropathy, when 80/20 rule goes too far, how to perform blood sugar control, Is there a conspiracy?, Weaning off Drugs, Exercises for those over 60, food sourcing and best exercise for fat loss.

Several people stated comments that were along the lines of “keep doing what you are doing”… thank you. :)

All great ideas and I will address these topics in the coming weeks.

THANK YOU ALL for you feedback.


6) Whatever is on your mind.

Several people wrote flattering, kind, complimentary notes…. sincerely from the bottom of my heart …thank you. :)


As for other comments?

More food porn and recipes!

Discuss the various diabetic medications

Animal Husbandry and the importance of doing it the right way.

Testing Shirataki Noodles affect on Blood Sugar

Semi-documentary talking with Native Americans about  proper nutrition.

Nutritional Supplements


All the responses truly were  anonymous, I have no way of knowing who wrote the comments… except for the people who typed their names. :)

*** Special thanks to the person who gave me a critique of my writing style.  Specifically the smiley faces and excessive punctuation.  THANK YOU!!!!! … I’m kidding. :))

Seriously, the advice was well received.  Would you please email me? cooksey . steve @ gmail . com  I would love to discuss your comments further.


I obtained a lot of great information in the survey and I will definitely put it to good use.  I will address the topics/subjects above in the coming weeks.

PLEASE feel free to email or leave comments any time you have suggestions, thoughts or ideas.

Again… sincerest thanks for all the feedback.

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