Round 3 … Thrilla in Manilla!?!

Today, 5/15/13 the Institute for Justice (IJ) will represent me in the Fourth Circuit, US Court of Appeals in Richmond, VA!  Oral arguments will begin approximately 9:30 AM!

Give’m Hell IJ!  …  I know you will.

At the oral argument IJ will go before a three judge panel and argue that the DiMuhammad-Ali-vs.-Joe-Frazier-in-Thrilla-in-Manila-Quezon-City-Metro-Manila-Philippines-1975-2strict Court’s decision should be reversed. The District Court basically said that my rights were not infringed … which is FALSE since the state told me to shut up or they were going to close down my site and that I could face criminal charges if I did not cease giving out nutritional advice.

Here is a post about my case on the Institute for Justice website, “Cooksey v. Futrell, et al. Caveman Blogger Fights for Free Speech and Internet Freedom”



Lives are at stake … literally.

Yesterday I posted this on Social Media…


I’m drinking coffee in a restaurant … and a morbidly obese couple comes in and sits beside me.

…. eating bagels with ‘jam’.

The wife, who is walking with a cane says, “Did you see the juice?”.

The low fat, high carb grain based, Big Food and Big Pharma pimps cause so much pain and suffering. While they and their partners in crime, the Medical Industry… profit from it.

It’s YOUR LIFE… you can do what you want!

It’s YOUR MIND … you can think what you want!!!

Stop being SHEEPLE!

Sadly, thanks to a nutritional policy that’s dictated by Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry… the obese couple probably thought the only bad thing they ate was ‘jam’….  it was ALL GARBAGE!

In addition to the bagels they also drank juice (sugar water), ate cereal… None of what they ate was ‘real food’.

IF people like me are allowed to be silenced by the lackeys of Pepsico, Monsanto and the Dietetic Ass’s…   people will not be able to  hear the truth.

We must stand up!!

We must take a STAND!!

It’s my life and I’ll do what I want.

It’s my mind and I’ll think what I want.

(From “It’s My Life” a song originally written by “The Animals”.

2 thoughts on “Round 3 … Thrilla in Manilla!?!”

  1. Watching with great interest. Rooting for you (for the Constitution!) every inch of the way.
    If I thought you were wrong, I’d still be supporting your right to sound off. As it is, I’m quite positive that you’re right. I’d like to see those “nutritionists” show me somebody whose diabetes worsened on a low-carb, natural foods diet.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Apologies for the delay in replying… I have so much spam comments.

      Just an FYI – 4.5 years since I began eating this way… and I will NEVER go back. :)

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