Diabetes Drug Avandia, a perfect example of…

DIABETES-articleInlineAvandia … is a perfect example of the reason I often say,

Do not take drugs … NEEDLESSLY!  And you will not know if they are needless until you eat a truly low inflammatory meal plan.

Why do I ‘harp’ on this???    It’s for your own good, I am TRYING to help you.

1) All drugs have side effects … news FLASH, man made chemicals… will have side effects.

It may take days, weeks, months or even years for them to become known.  And when they do manifest, often times you or your medical industry professional may place the blame on your genes or ‘dumb luck’…. that’s what GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) did….

2) Harmless today, a killer tomorrow.   Many drugs have been deemed ‘safe’ by FDA and later found to be harmful to patients.  In this post, “Diabetes Drugs and Pancreatic Cancer” I talk about two diabetes drugs Byetta and Januvia,  get this… these drugs were linked to pancreatic cancer!!!   But this was discovered  YEARS after it was approved for distribution.

Sad and sooo ironic isn’t it?  A diabetes drug causing pancreatic cancer? … :(

Therefore it was no surprise to me when another diabetes drug came under fire… again.  The harmful health claims for Avandia are not knew.  It’s manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)  has been fending off claims for years using fraud, deception and omission.

This is not ‘Steve says’ … these claims are from a New York Times article “Caustic Government Report Deals Blow to Diabetes Drugs” written about an FDA reviewer’s report  ….

A federal drug official on Friday dealt a severe blow to the popular diabetes drug Avandia, issuing a scathing review of a major clinical trial that its manufacturer has been using to argue that the drug was safe.

I am NO fan of the FDA, I think they are too closely tied to the Drug and Food Industries… so for them to say this about GSK, you know it’s bad.

The reviewer went on to say,

Such repeated mistakes “should not be found even as single occurrences” and “suggest serious flaws with trial conduct,”


… a number of studies, including some by GlaxoSmithKline, suggest that it could increase the risks of heart attacks, strokes and death.

Question:  Why does this happen with so many drugs?   Why are they deemed healthy and later deemed to be harmful?  Often times this is decades later after thousands have been harmed measurably and millions potentially.

I think it all starts here …

The agency [FDA] almost never does clinical trials on its own, depending on drug companies to conduct them appropriately.

If you Google ‘Drug Company Fraud’ you find MANY MANY cases where the drug companies commit fraud, deception and omission…  due to greed.  It’s all about increasing revenue per share.  It’s all about … money.  Millions are being harmed… for money.

Why should we allow drug companies to test their own products as a basis for them being safe?  The full report conducted by the FDA reviewer can be seen here, “Full Report”.



If you are currently taking any drug … over the counter or prescription …   if I were you, I would give a low inflammatory meal plan a try…. like mine, “A meal plan you can live with.“.

I’m often asked why I loath, detest… and yes, hate the American Diabetes Association so much.  It’s simple.  They promote a high carb, grain based meal plan that causes DIABETICS to take MORE drugs and MORE insulin.    It should be obvious from this article … that approach does not benefit diabetics.  It benefits big pharma, big food and the medical industry.

Please read and heed… and Good luck!