Very Primal Easter

A post on my very primal Easter activities.  When I started the day my goal was not to ‘show off’, in fact I didn’t think about the activities until I was providing a summary to a friend.  I thought to myself, “damn… I need to brag about this!” :)

The purpose of this post is to inspire or motivate you to improve not only your blood sugars but also your fitness levels as well.

After a diabetes diagnosis I was an obese, drug and insulin dependent diabetic.  I never exercised unless walking to the refrigerator counts as exercise.  I began exercising immediately, starting out doing what I could do comfortably and do a little more each time.

That’s what I suggest you do … too.

First up…

A New PR (Personal Record)

Using my 55 lb kettlebell I did 200 KB Swings, 200 KB squats and 190 sit ups in 30 minutes.

My goal is 200 of each, so I fell a little short.   Below is a picture of my primal gym. :)   By the way I do these outside, barefoot and shirtless. :)   I did this workout about 10 am.

2015-04-05 09.18.09

I mentioned in the introduction to start doing what you can do comfortably and do a little more each time.

Here’s what I did and am doing with this workout.   In the picture below it shows the progression.

I do a little bit more until I reach my goal.  On this Easter day I did achieve a new personal record, but I am 10 short in my Sit Up goal… so there is more work to be done. :)

comp 1

Intense No … Exercise Yes

The skies were a deep blue and I wanted to get outside and enjoy the sun … I decided to ‘stretch my legs’ and go for a long dog and foraging walk.  The picture below was taken at one of my favorite locations, and no I’m not telling where it is.  :)  . The leash to the left of my legs has Arya at the end of it.

I left about 12:30 and returned right at 2:00 PM … a nice 1 1/2 hour dose of sunshine and vitamin D3.  In total I walked about two miles.  This is  not including the foraging,  which I do in a squating position.

While foraging is not an intense workout … it is a workout. :)   By the way, I did this activity … barefoot and shirtless.

2015-04-05 12.28.39


Competition Round

My son arrived not long after I returned from the walk. We talked for awhile, sitting outside with a nice breeze.

Then he asked me to play basketball with him…  I said, “sure!”

Below is a picture of us at the outside court… playing basketball, barefoot and shirtless.

YES barefoot. We’ve done this before… it’s not my favorite but he did not bring basketball shoes so we did it.

steve 4-5


Below is a picture of my son… not sure why he was on one leg… not the way I taught him.  LOL!

MY SON beat me … 12-10, in overtime.  We play to 11 and you must win by two.

I do not like to lose, it was a competitive game and intense at times.  I have his hand prints on my back from a deliberate push… :)

2015-04-05 14.51.05

I was once an obese, drug and insulin dependent diabetic.

Now I am THRIVING and attempting to live life at it’s fullest…  on a ‘low carb paleo’ style meal plan and lifestyle.

I maintain truly normal blood sugars while attempting to squeeze as much out of life as I can.

I hope this motivates you or a loved one to follow my meal plan… it can change your life, it changed mine!

There is a better way to self-treat diabetes.   Diabetes does NOT have to be a debilitating disease…. it does not.