What the FUNG?

The post title, ‘Why the Fung” would be more accurate but it’s not as catchy. :)  People have been critical of me posting against Fung in “Fung I“.   I have been accused  of nitpicking.

This brief post provides the reason why?  … ‘because He is HARMING people’.

A Few Facts

1) The goal of every diabetic, the goal of every person should be … truly normal blood sugars, non-diabetic blood sugars.

Bad things happen when people have elevated blood sugars and I lay this out, including studies in this post, “My Blood Sugar Targets and Why“.    My personal goals are to stay below 100 mg/dl with only occasional and brief trips above 120 mg/dl .

Studies show that EVEN with eating high carb meals non-diabetics spend 80% of their time below 100 mg/dl and 95% of their time below 120 mg/dl. Studies also show that fasting blood sugars above 100 mg/dl  increase risk for dementia and neuropathy.

2) Even the Medical Industry — the American Association College of Endocrinology (AACE) wrote in their Consensus Statement on Guidelines for Glycemic Control

the consensus panel recommends a treatment-targeted 2-hour postprandial blood glucose level of <140 mg/dL

” the risk for occurrence of microvascular and macrovascular complications was shown to increase at HbA1c values of 6.5% or more.”

Even a medical industry ‘conventional wisdom’ site believes that Blood Sugars above 140 mg/dl  and  A1c’s at 6.5 % and higher cause damage.

3) Lastly A1c of 6.5 %  converts to approximately an average blood sugar of  140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/l).

Remember this.  AACE believes we should not exceed 140 … and A1c of 6.5% equates to an average of 140. With an average of 140 you KNOW the person spent a great deal of time far above 140, in levels that even the medical industry claims causes cell and organ damage.


The picture below tells you all you need to know about Fung, his deception and faulty protocols.  I explain in more detail below but in the video Fung claims that a diabetic with blood sugars above A1c 6.5% and rising under his protocol … is cured.

fung lies 1

In the video  “Reversing Diabetes”  Fung, looking at the A1c picture on the left says, and I quote…

“his blood sugars have stayed relatively stable below 7%”

This starts at the 19:25 mark.

Rising from about 6.5 to almost 7% is not stable and it’s not even relatively stable.

6.5% is an average glucose of 140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/l) … and that was at the beginning of Fung’s protocol.

140 is an average, the patient has far exceeded those levels. Levels at which cell and organ damage is occurring…  AND the patient’s A1c is climbing, not declining on Fung’s protocol.

Fung’s protocol IS harming people. 

Next Fung says and I quote,

“his sugars are doing fine”

His sugars are not doing fine… they were not doing fine when he started the Fung protocol and they have only gotten worse.  Fung goes on to say that the patient’s been taken off all of his insulin and … then makes this ridiculous claim.

“In other words you can say that his diabetes has been cured.”

There are no words for this level of deception.

I’d have to check to see if there is even a diabetes educator ignorant enough to make this claim.

To all of you Fung supporters, think about this.

Richard (the patient) is sitting at home with blood sugars rising, he’s poisoning every cell and organ in his body and Fung is telling him that his blood sugars are fine and in fact he’s been CURED!

Hallelujah!  Praise Fung! … not.



I will not even get into his other ridiculous claims except to just mention them here.

– Fung claims blood sugar control is useless
– Fung claims that insulin as a treatment is not only ineffective but harmful.
– Fung claiming he cures diabetes is a disgusting lie that causes harm in and of itself.
– Fung claims to reveal the ‘ancient secrets’ of low-carb and fasting…  he’s a snake oil salesman.

Read  “Fung I” for a full description of his lies and deceptions and why I say… he is harming people.

In closing, I have ‘bashed’ the ADA for promoting an A1c of 6.5 as being ‘good’ for diabetics.  Many low carb / paleo / ancestral  leaders have as well.  Yet Fung gets a free pass.

I waited to post negatively about Fung, hoping others with MD, PhD or other credentials would do so… they have not.

If your mother, brother, sister or daughter was receiving such harmful advice from a ‘diabetes educator’ … we would all be ranting about the ridiculous advice.   And I am now.