Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky

I love the low carb paleo diet and lifestyle! I thrive with diabetes while many suffer. One of the benefits of my lifestyle is the energy and zest for living it provides me. My successful diabetes lifestyle is unlike the vast majority of diabetics whose health is spiraling downward.

  • I love to seek out beauty, the more natural the setting, the better.
  • Nature is truly amazing. The more I see and read, the more I am amazed by it.


I thank my parents for instilling a love of nature inside me. After decades of ‘living in the rat race’, my love for nature and zest for living was reawakened. Now I try to live ‘in tune’ with nature as much as possible in the modern world…

successful diabetes lifestyle


The picture above is an example for my love of nature and my zest for living. While I was taking these pictures, 100’s of people drove by. If any slowed down, I think it was more to gawk at the guy taking pictures of the sunrise over a pond.

Pro Tip:  Play this youtube recording of “Smoke on the Water” while reading. :)

When I’m driving  and especially riding my bike I am always looking for photographic opportunities of nature.

I discovered the setting for these pictures just the other day on my way to the gym.   It was a lucky break. The point on the horizon where the sun rises changes slightly every day.  Over days, weeks and months the position on the horizon moves quite a bit. Therefore this ‘view’ will eventually fade away until it comes back into the rotation.

I’ve been in this town for almost two years, driven this road many times but have never noticed the sun rising at this point until just the other day.

The Perfect Sunrise

I was driving to the gym the other day as I often do when … BAM! Pow!!! Boom!!! What an amazing sight!  I stopped my car and quickly parked before running out to take pictures. The morning sun was illuminating the water droplets of the fountain and creating a surreal scene!

I eagerly awaited the next clear or cloudless morning for another visit.  That day was yesterday! :)

I arrived 15 minutes before the sunrise and took pre-sunrise pictures of the pond and fountain.  The picture below is a side view, the sun will appear just out of the picture on the right.

If you look closely you can see the fog that formed due to the cold  air temps (29 F) and warmer water temps.

Note: Remember you can click on any picture to enlarge. 

successful diabetes lifestyle

Below, the fountain in its approximate sunrise position, waiting for the SUN! :)

successful diabetes lifestyle

The next series of pictures are of the sunrise, in sequence.

Directly below, the sun APPEARS!

This view alone would have been worth my time. The fog was ‘lit’, the reflection of the sun on a ‘smooth as glass’ pond. Beautiful.

successful diabetes lifestyle


The sun is really lighting up the water fountain at this point.

The sun’s rays are sparkling and bouncing off the water droplets as they rise and fall, creating a sparkling, mesmerizing scene.

The sight and experience … truly moving.

successful diabetes lifestyle

I love these pictures!!

In the picture below, the lake begins to appear to be ON FIRE!!

successful diabetes lifestyle

The next picture speaks for itself.

A ‘double sunrise”!  A sun in the sky and a sun in the lake with the fountain and the surrounding fog, ON FIRE!

successful diabetes lifestyle


Meal Plan You Can “Live” With

Lastly is the video, I was hoping to capture the mesmerizing nature of the rays of the sun illuminating the water droplets, creating a ‘sparkling’ affect. The video fell short of that goal.

Too, a local power plant’s noise was interfering with the serene sound of the pond’s fountain.  Best to view with the sound off… unfortunately.

Still a beautiful video and worth a few seconds to view, in my opinion. :)


Why was this a surprise setting? It was one block from downtown, on the regional hospital’s property.  Seek nature and you can find it.  Yes, it will be easier for some of us but we can succeed.

What does this post have to do with diabetes?   Everything!

When diagnosed with diabetes I was an obese, chronically sick, couch potato!

Today, I am none of those things. I love to exercise and play! I am THRIVING and not ‘just’ surviving!!

My sincere desire is for everyone to experience my love of nature and my love of LIVING! :)

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