Ground Beef Is Diabetes Friendly

Ground beef is diabetes friendly and is the subject of my 3rd post on TRULY slow roasting, ‘the warrior way’. :)   Here are the previous two posts, Truly Slow Roasting and Meatgasm.

  • ground beef is diabetes friendly, as are all fatty meats
  • slow roasting retains more of the fat, a win!


I LOVE grilled and skillet fried ground beef, in fact I love ground beef any way you want to prepare it… including TRULY slow roasted beef too.  I’ve slow roasted almost every conceivable meat (beef, poultry, pork, organ meats, and fish) and I’ve enjoyed them all.

Truly Slow Roasted Ground Beef
Ground Beef is diabetes friendly


The great thing about truly slow roasting?  Fat preservation. I dare you to try this and tell me this is NOT the most juicy, succulent burger… EVER!  :)


Truly Slow Roasted Ground Beef

1 – Place the ground beef patties on a small grill or toaster oven rack (preferred).  You can actually place them directly on the oven racks but placing the meat on a small grill or toaster oven rack and on then on the oven rack provides more support and easier to remove. 

2 – Cook the burgers at 180-200F for 4-8 hours depending on your preferences and oven temperatures.   I ate the majority of these after four hours at 200F.

I have truly slow roasted vegetables too but this time I fried them in a skillet …  with animal fats of course. :)


The burgers I ate earlier were rare to medium rare.

I left a couple of burgers in the oven several hours longer and it was still pink, but closer to medium.


Below is a picture of minced meat with ‘veggies’, various peppers, garlic  and ginger root.  These were cooked on 200F for 3 hours and were medium rare.  Love it! :)

Truly Slow Roasted Beef
Truly Slow Roasted Beef


If you missed my earlier posts on truly slow roasting, check out these posts.

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Ground Beef Slow Roasted

The keys to truly slow roasting is using very low temperatures and laying the meats directly on the racks, which aids airflow and the lack of fat loss.  Fat retention is a huge plus for taste, texture and satiety.

Another benefit is the lack of attention you need to pay to the meats while cooking. This morning for example, I started the minced meat and veggies. I then went walking and then grocery shopping, returning hours later with no worries about burning or overcooking the meat.

Try it … you just might like it.  Of course I still love to grill and skillet fry my meats. Very slow roasting just adds another option. :)

You should try to eat this way, “My Meal Plan“. For those with elevated blood sugars I suggest eating only fatty meats, leafy greens, eggs, bone-broth, butter and coconut oil until your blood sugars normalize.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY!  … to self-treat disease.