If I was a Certified Diabetes Educator 7

HUH! ….

If  YOU were a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)… what would YOUR motto be?

What would your personal mission statement be???

Mine? … something like…

improving the health and wellness of diabetics by helping them to maintain proper blood glucose control while reducing drugs and insulin requirements”

I thought of that ‘motto’ … in about 5 seconds…. that’s what I do EVERY SINGLE DAY….

Having “shown you mine” … What would YOURS be?

IF you were a “diabetes educator”  …  what is THE most important things in YOUR life or at least in your “business life” as a diabetes educator?

Please think of it BEFORE proceeding further with the post!!! … I’m making a point… :))


NOW …. let’s take a look at the motto of not only the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators (AADE) … but also the motto of a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

Let’s look at a CDE first, on the “home of the CDEs” the website for the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE).

IF YOU were a ‘diabetes educator’ … and your picture was going to be on the home page of the AADE … and you had one chance to show the world what ‘you’ were about …. what would you write?

ME? … I put my mission statement that I wrote earlier (above).

Here is the ‘motto’ … of a prominent Certified Diabetes Educator.

“Ensuring the safe and effective use of diabetes medications and devices for 20 yrs.”

….. huh!  … I don’t know of Chris Lopez, he may be a promoter of high fat, low carb meal plans … but I doubt it.

… for 20 years he’s been ensuring the safe and effective use of diabetes drugs….  HE MUST BE PROUD!  How many diabetics have died from ‘diabetes complications’ … how many diabetics have had failed organs or lost eyesight???

… I promise you this… the answer is MANY!

When your focus is on drug use and service fees…. when your focus is on pimping high carb foods and drug use…

When your focus is on a  “carb up and shoot up”  diabetes treatment plan…  we know, MANY millions are harmed every day.

I don’t disagree with his statement… BUT …  this should NOT be your focus.

THE primary job of a CDE is to ‘educate’ diabetics on the proper control of blood sugar!!! Period!

Since drugs have side affects, it makes sense that you should attempt to teach control with the minimum amount of drugs and insulin…

Is it a coincidence that Chris failed to mention ANYTHING about blood sugar control????

Is it a COINCIDENCE that Chris DID MENTION using drugs and devices???

I would answer NO to both questions given the influence that sugar, drug and grain manufacturers have within the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators (AADE).

Here is the “logo” of the AADE from it’s website.

This phrase seems to be more appropriate… at least this phrase has ‘self-management’ as a “key outcome”.

Actually though… “successful self-management” is THE key outcome.   However, I doubt that we agree on the meaning of the phrases in this logo.

1) Healthcare Professionals – how can you claim to be ‘professionals’ when you ignore and ridicule the ONE meal plan that helps patients the most AND reduces their dependence on drugs and insulin?

2) Successful Self-Management –  I know our meanings are different here.  I and MANY others successfully self manage our diabetes … without the use of drugs and insulin… yet “WE” are ridiculed and banned from diabetes groups for spreading the news.

Apparently… successful self-management must contain these two elements with which I strongly disagree:

A) A successful diabetes management plan MUST  involve the eating of Monsanto’s grains and high carb meals in general.

B) A successful diabetes management plan MUST involve taking ever increasing amounts of drugs… including not only diabetes drugs but  cholesterol and blood pressure drugs as well.

C) A successful diabetes management plan MUST require periodic visits to a Certified Diabetes Educator.

…. APPARENTLY a “successful self – management” plan is more complicated than I thought…

I thought, a successful diabetes management program meant controlling blood sugar in normal ranges while limiting drugs and insulin… silly me.

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Nutritional Chart

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

How I Play


7 thoughts on “If I was a Certified Diabetes Educator

  • BK Lawson

    I was asked to leave a Christian diabetes group for my posts on low-carb and good carbs (berries) vs. bad carbs (flour, sugar). I was told I was going to kill someone, and that there was no way I could NOT be on meds. I left. Quietly. I won’t name names, but she wrote a book called “The Sweet Life” about how she eats and eats…
    My after meal reading tonight was 81.
    I had a primal deer meat/bacon chili. About 2 cups of it. With wine. The I ran outside, in heavy boots, in the snow and cold with the dogs.
    81, folks. No meds.
    Going on 5 years.

  • Julia

    Good for you! ADA will now completely have a handle on all that gets taught and it will be their way or the highway. Sad.

  • Julia

    Successful diabetes management is normal blood sugar with no disease progression. What other determinant of sucess is there?
    I think the ADA is pleased with good blood sugar control with meds, first one med, then two meds, then three meds, then insulin! If that’s was good control is, forget it.

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