Two Type 1’s “Get It”. Why Doesn’t the ADA?

Two stories of two  Type 1 diabetics. Once you know that elevated blood sugars are harmful to every cell in your body, then you should know that truly normal blood sugars are the ultimate goal… for everyone.  A “low carb paleo meal plan” makes diabetes care much easier… and healthier.

  • these two ‘type 1’ diabetics ‘get it’.
  • the American Diabetes Association does not ‘get it’, why not?


This post covers two short stories of two Type 1 diabetics, who ‘get it’.  Thanks to Jessica and Allison for allowing me to share.



Truly normal blood sugars should be the goal for all diabetics. Accomplishing truly normal blood sugars is infinitely more difficult if you follow the high carb, grain-based meal plan promoted by the American Diabetes Association and the Medical Industry.


Jessica’s Type 1 Story

Jessica and I have exchanged facebook messages several times over the last several months. I suggested she my meal plan and used the success of those that have been able to stick with a Low Carb Plan. The shining example is Dr. Richard Bernstein… a 70+ yr old Type 1 Diabetic, successfully living with the disease.

After my latest attempt of “soft selling” a low carb paleo meal plan, Jessica asked me to send her some links so she could read up on the subject. A couple of days passed and I was pleasantly surprised to read this message from her.



Folks the concept truly is THAT simple. On a low carb paleo meal plan, an insulin dependent diabetic will have lower highs and will help prevent the huge swings that can occur from the “carb up, shoot up” philosophy of the American Diabetes Association’s Food Pyramid.

Jessica “got it”… in less than ONE day … why in the HELL has the ADA not gotten it in 30 @&^$$ YEARS!!!!!   Their diet is killing people, their lack of support and even mockery of the low carb diets is HARMING the people they claim they support.

On to the next story…


Type 1 Story #2

This lady is a mother of two.  She typically has good control but like most has moments where the blood sugar spikes and crashes are a concern. Her main reason for looking into paleo was to feel better and eat more healthy foods.  The lower insulin requirements would be a benefit but secondary to overall health.

She had been mostly paleo for several weeks and was beginning to experience some of the benefits including weight loss and lower blood glucose numbers. She was indeed making PROGRESS!!!

Then…came a party that she had been planning for.  The message below was a response from her  when I asked her how the party went.


THIS REALLY makes my blood boil!

Calling ‘low carb paleo’ a weird diet? Since when is eating real, natural, whole foods…weird?

Eating high carb, grain-based, processed, sugary, glutenous foods SHOULD be considered ‘weird’.

THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE…we have been literally ‘sold out’ by our governments, by the medical industry and by large corporations. Believing packaged, processed foods are ‘normal’, while  eating real, whole foods… meats, vegetables, nuts and berries…is weird.



Sold Out For Profit

Why does the public perceive a real food diet as “weird”?   Because it is in direct opposition to the diet proposed by the Medical Industry including the FDA, ADA, NIH, etc. I personally have seen the ADA and it’s minions mocking low carb diets on it’s websites including Facebook groups.

IMAGINE, tomorrow the FDA, the ADA and the entire Medical Industry comes out and announces a shift in policy, promoting ‘low carb paleo’ as the best diet. Promoting it on every television channel, every radio station and every magazine.

Seriously, think for a moment, all health organizations, agencies… promote the eating of whole foods, meats and low carb fruits and vegetables.   THEN we could begin helping all people reduce medications and improve diseases.


END THIS NOW…make a LOW CARB PALEO MEAL PLAN, with meats, nuts and low carb  fruits and vegetables the standard… make eating highly processed, extruded, hydrogenated foods … Weird.


Normal Blood Sugars are The Key

The soaring highs and crashing lows can be especially troublesome and dangerous. Over time, poor blood sugar control often leads to retinopathy, neuropathy, cell damage, organ failure, amputations and death. NOT a pretty picture AT ALL.

Above all blood sugar control, in truly normal ranges is vital to a diabetic’s well being!

The ADA and the medical industry promote the failed diabetes protocol of eating a High Carb diet and taking more drugs, and shooting more insulin to cover the carbs. This protocol has caused much pain and agony, over 90% of diabetics fail!

OR you can go in a another direction that does not line the pockets of the ADA, Big Food companies, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry. Instead, it benefits diabetics. How’s that?

By following a Low Carb Primal Meal Plan…that is how.

Jessica and Allison ‘get it’, do you?


Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

If your blood sugars are elevated and you cannot achieve truly normal blood sugars with diet alone…

READ MY BOOK! How to Reduce Blood Sugars.

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3 thoughts on “Two Type 1’s “Get It”. Why Doesn’t the ADA?”

  1. Face it my brother, for now, you’re in the minority. One of those weird fringe folk, living in the shadows that refuses to accept the cure-all pills & potions. You’re probably the kind of guy who does not believe everything you are told and only half of what you read. Well, you’re not alone my friend! I too get the looks as my friends & co-workers inhale burgers & fries with 32oz soft drinks for lunch while I nibble on my leftover lemon chicken and mixed greens (12gms Carbs, 40Gms Protein). Then, two hours later as I energetically test my blood-sugar to find an expected 105 or so, I give them weird looks as they’re crashing and going for more soft drinks or energy drinks to keep themselves going.
    Fear not for the primal clan is growing. You keep doing hill-sprints and spreading the word. It won’t be long and Primal will be mainstream… again.

  2. @ Brian… sincerest thanks MY PRIMAL BROTHER. LOVED the comment…very well stated! NICE lunch….what I have begun doing recently and it REALLY seems to help is adding a spoon full of saturated fats when I eat chicken or other lean meats. Typically either butter or coconut oil. :)

    @ Erika…you raise a valid point, it is NOT just the Diabetics, Celiacs and Crohns sufferers that should be following THE PRIMAL BLUEPRINT… it is THE best diet for all. As you well know, the meal plan allows for a diverse menu and non-diabetics can eat many different food items and still stay PRIMAL. I also agree, it is NOT just diabetics that are accused of being “weird” but all those that follow a paleo / primal lifestyle.

    << is an exercise in self love.>> WOW, great quote and I totally agree. When I started my recovery, I said I was going to heal myself by repairing and undoing all the damage I had done.

    Erika, thanks to you as well for an excellent comment.

  3. T-2 here, ‘demoted’, actually. My last quote from the Dr. was “You don’t have diabetes, maybe abnormal glucose tolerance.” Might have something to do with counting carbs and only eating if I’m hungry? My AM readings are seldom over 100 now. I’m 60 lbs. lighter. I’ve kept the weight off for 4 years. Oh, did I mention I’ve NEVER taken a pill or a shot? In those 4 years, I’ve had like 2 sinus infections, 1 cold, pneumonia once, and I never get the flu for more than 24 hours. I eat a “scavenging” lower-carb diet, and most of it is meat, eggs, and produce. My last A1C was 5.3, down from 5.4. I’ve also ditched gluten and low-carb bread now. We’ll see in March what the next A1C is. Someone pass me the eggs and butter, please!

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