ADA Minion Spotlight – Liberty Medical

The spotlight today shines on Liberty Medical and their diabetic recipes. It has earned them a place on the “Wall Of Shame”.

Liberty Medical sells  these items on their website below…

  • Glucose Meters
  • PerfectPoint Lancet
  • Insulin Supplies
  • Insulin Pumps
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

I know I say this about every ADA Minion… but …

“Liberty Medical is an ADA Minion of the worst kind!”

Why Do I say that? … NOTE…they sell insulin and supplies … sales would increase with a high carb meal plan….

They promote a very high carb meal plan. With just a couple of clicks I found these recipes.

The one below… 64 grams of CARBS!!!  PER SERVING!   What quantity of drugs, insulin and supplies would be required for this ONE meal alone?

Unfortunately, it’s not like this is the only recipe that was high in carbs… true it was the highest. Keep in mind, I typically eat sub 30 grams in carbohydrates and sub 50 grams always…. PER DAY!  And how many people eat just “one serving” ????

Also note…. I have normal blood sugar and I take NO DRUGS nor INSULIN.

The meal below… 44 grams of carbs FOR ONE SERVING for ONE MEAL!    Liberty is really selling insulin and diabetic supplies with these two recipes.   Charlatans!!!

Next, let’s look at the quote below from their website…  A question has been posed to their “crack” Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE).

Next, remember the HIGH CARB recipes above…

NOW let’s look at the CDE’s answer to the question about Blood Glucose Control.

  • medication  – why is medication first?  Because they sell insulin and diabetic supplies….  it is all about the $$$$.
  • movement  – movement is important but second to meal plan…
  • meal planning – Finally!!!  Meal plan is mentioned, only problem is their MEAL PLAN  will keep you on more and more drugs and insulin.
  • monitoring – this is THE most important and should be number one. If you do not monitor, you do not know how well you are progressing.

Do you see why I say they are an ADA Minion of  the worst kind?   They profit from promoting a harmful meal plan… by selling diabetic supplies.

Brief recap : I control my diabetes with my diabetic diet , see the meal plan (click here) and exercise (click here).

10 thoughts on “ADA Minion Spotlight – Liberty Medical”

  1. 256 calories from carb… of 290 calories…that’s 88.275 of your calories from carb!! Second one is *only* 73.333% carb.

    I’m with you Steve….but most people I know eat more carbs in 1 meal than I get in an entire day!!

  2. YEP Their commercials always make my blood BOIL!!!
    Their so called meal plan is PERFECT…. for THEM!! It’ll make them FILTHY rich…

    1. Sandra_Abernathy

      You know, until Steve brought this to our attention, I never pay attention to any of these commercials. Why? Because they are not in my life. But I am so thankful that Steve is catching all this wrong info being projected out there to all Diabetics. We have got to stop this misinformation some how!!

  3. Sandra_Abernathy

    I’ve never used Liberty Medical Supplies. I had no idea they promoted high carb meals!!!! Thank you for informing us of all the garbage info that people have out there!! Low carb is the only way any diabetic should eat!! I agree with you, Steve!! Diabetics are vulnerable to the ADA and supply companies like this, and it’s all WRONG INFORMATION!!

  4. The concept is so simple – cut the carbs and the blood sugar goes down. Why is that so difficult to understand? I cry when I see the parade of people in the clinic who are so sick with complications from diabetes. If only…..

  5. It is all about the $$$$$! Too many are profiting on the ignorant. I am a part of your movement and educate anybody that has a brain.

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