New York Strip & Swiss Chard

New York Strip ... Braised in BUTTER and BACON GREASE... OMG!

I lead with the “New York Strip” … because everyone loves da’ MEAT! … or at least I hope they do.

… but honestly, the Swiss Chard stole the show.  Sooooo tasty!!! Of course copious amounts of bacon and bacon juice did not hurt the flavor at all. :))

The NY Strip was totally awesome too… but you would expect it to be… braised in butter and bacon fat… how could it NOT BE!!! :)


Steps to Awesomeness:


1. Fry at least 4-5 pieces of bacon in a cast iron skillet and wash the Swiss Chard while the bacon is cooking. A colander or strainer works best for washing the chard.  :)

Freshly washed Swiss Chard


2.  Strip away the leaves from the stalk… I left small stalk ends attached, I like them.  When the bacon is cooked to desired crispiness, I cut the bacon into small pieces and add the Swiss Chard. Using large tongs I turn over the Chard every few minutes while cooking on medium low heat.

You want to make sure the Chard is well coated with bacon juice. :))


3. Keep turning until the greens ‘cook down’ to desired softness. I do not like to ‘over cook’ mine… this took less than 10 minutes for me. (see below)




4. I transfer the Bacon and Swiss Chard to a smaller skillet, coated with Bacon Juice to keep them warm.  If needed I add more bacon juice or butter to the skillet to make sure it is well lubricated and begin cooking the steak.

For me… 5-7 mins per side is enough.  That produces a medium rare to rare steak that is ‘seared’ on the outside but RED on the inside.


This meal was SO delicious … so nutritious … I LOVED IT!!!

It took less than 30 minutes to prepare… and only a few minutes to eat. :)


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