Corporate Sponsors of Nutrionists

This post shows a partial listing of the ‘corporate sponsorship’ of the USA’s national dietitian’s group, the Academy Nutrition & Dietetics (AND). The data is from 2011, when this post was originally written.

The group (AND) changed their name in recent years. they were formerly known as the American Dietitian Ass (ADA). When you see references to ‘ADA’ in this post, I’m referring to the USA’s national dietitian group.


My friend Jimmy Alva posted this article today, the article highlights the influence peddling of Coca-Cola with American Dietitian Association… but we know Coke is not the only company playing the game.

Why are the dietitians and nutritionists groups… the people who are supposedly nutrition experts, why are they allowing their national organization to be bought and paid for by Big Food?

… here’s a partial list of the ‘corporate sponsors’ of the ADA.



Do you think their sponsorship influences  decision making?

The list of companies above is a literal ‘who’s who’ list of companies that are profiting from the epidemic of obesity and diabetes.


As the world’s obesity epidemic worsens … as incidents of diabetes and other diseases such as asthma, Alzheimer etc  are ALL climbing, do you ever stop to wonder why?

Could it be the nutritional advice we receive from ‘registered dietitians’ … is influenced by those who benefit from their advice?


The sponsorship of the American Dietetic Association … is like a “Who’s Who” of junk drinks and junk food.


The only ‘big name’ missing is  Monsanto … but don’t worry, with the foods the above companies produce, you can bet Monsanto is benefiting greatly and therefore contributing.

As you should know, it’s not ‘just’ the American Dietetic Association that is influenced by the money and influence peddling.

Here are other links if you are interested.

PepsiCo has been funding the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators

Big Pharma pays dearly to the American Diabetes Ass. … and benefits greatly as well.

Yet ‘we’ sit idly by and do nothing… except complain because we’re sick all the time and we spend sooo much money on drugs. :(

In this article yesterday, it reported that nearly half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug per day.  This does NOT include all the over the counter drugs … ugh!


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My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet,not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)


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