Grilling Onion, Bacon and Beef

Note: This may be my all time favorite ‘food post’… why? It’s not the taste of the food (although it was good) … it was the experience and the pictures, wow!

Please… I urge you as always… click on the pictures to enlarge them. :) 


I’ve always loved the outdoors and I have always loved fire.  I’ve created several fires that … ‘got out of hand’.  :)   The worst one was during a drought, it was in my early teenage years.  An acre of grass was the only thing that ‘burned up’… but it almost reached the tree line. The fire department arrived just in time. :)

Since ‘going primal’ my love and appreciation of the outdoors (and fires) has grown.  Luckily my respect for both has grown as well. Meaning?  I try to do my part in maintaining our ‘natural resources’ and I have not set any more fires that have ‘gotten out of hand’. :)

I love cooking outside with a fire… and it NEVER fails now, if only for moment, I will think … ‘how many times have our ancestors sat in front of a fire and cooked their dinner… on a night like tonight”.

Ok… enough about that…. NOW ON TO THE FOOD PICS! :)

** The only negative to grilling meats … you lose a lot of fat.  The added smokey flavor is a bonus … but that’s why I cook most of my foods in a skillet… to savor the fat!  The fat makes veggies taste great too … jus sayn. :)



1.  Cut a ‘cone’ shaped hole in the onion and place onion on the grill.   When I saw the ‘scene’ captured in the picture to the right… I knew I had to do a blog post.  I did not intend to do one initially.

Seeing the onion ‘lit up’ like this… with the flame, at night, under the stars… it was truly a ‘primal’ experience for me.

A) Why cut a cone shape?  It shortens cooking time and you can add cheese and bacon later if you want.  You will see a picture of the onion near the end, showing the conical shape.

B) I left the skin on and placed directly on the grill.  Typically when I cook onions (sliced) or any veggies for that mater, I brush on Extra Virgin Olive Oil but I did not this time and it came out great!

 Note:  I let the onion cook for about 10 minutes before adding the burgers.  I flipped it several times throughout the process.


2.  Add the MEAT! (burgers, steaks, chicken, fish etc)

Here you can see the onion’s conical shaped hole.  This would be perfect for adding any thing from sausage, bacon, cheese…. etc etc. :)


Yep… I did grill bacon as well…. please click on this picture to see the enlarged view… please! :)

If you do … tell me if this is not a ‘gorgeous’ sight! :)


3. Remove from the grill.   Obviously your grilling time will vary based on grill temperature and how well you like your meat cooked.

The picture below is how the foods looked coming right off the grill…


4.  Next, I removed the onion’s skin and sliced in half.     When I started I thought I would have PLENTY of onions and I had planned to add cheese and bacon in the conical shaped hole in the center of the onion.

However I only had ONE onion… so I improvised. Just like grok. :)   I sliced the onion in half and the conical shaped hole made a nice ‘bed’ for the bacon. :)


 5.  Added the cheese on top and placed in the microwave for about 15 seconds.





I just want to say …  I’ve been fully primal for over two years.

I enjoy my foods, I LOVE how they make me feel…. I would not change anything even if I could.

Just eat real foods… meats and veggies.  Yes, if you are not diabetic or are well controlled and drug free… add back in a few low carb fruits and nuts if you like…  but only if it does not adversely affect you blood sugars.

You should be sub 100 mg/dl  for your Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar.  If you can do that while you eat, exercise and live  like I do… you should live a LONG and CONTENTED life… I am.

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Start THRIVING!!! … and not ‘just’ surviving.

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