Summing Up 2012 …

Wow! … what a YEAR!

Will Justice Ultimately Prevail?

2012 vs 2011 saw a whopping 400 % increase in blog traffic!

The main goal of this blog is to share  the primal or paleo lifestyle with more and more people.   Because I was diagnosed with diabetes, I do talk about self treating my diabetes often… but this way of eating, this way of living benefits everyone in my opinion.

So from the stand point of sharing with more and more people … 2012 was a ‘break out’ year!!!

What was the reason? … not my silky smooth writing style. :) in 2012

The Investigation started things off in January 2012.  I went to a nutritional seminar hosted by an obese, drug and insulin dependent diabetic… who just happened to be a diabetes educator and even better, she was a director of diabetes services at a local hospital.

She was essentially telling diabetics (and others in the room) to eat like her, leading to more and more insulin resistance. This will ultimately lead many diabetics to ‘wear out’ their pancreas and become drug and insulin dependent… just like her.

Background:  I too was a drug and insulin dependent, obese diabetic… I was.   I found a better way to eat and so can you.  (Click Here)  I am NOW drug and insulin FREE!  And I have normal blood sugar for non-diabetics.

To make a long story shorter, I spoke up at the nutritional seminar and  someone didn’t like what I said and reported me to the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition.  I was told by phone  to stop what I was doing or face an injunction and possibly fines and jail time.   The state launched an investigation into my site and sent me this via email, the Result of the Investigation.

The Institute for Justice decided to take my case, pro bono!   Thank YOU!

This post summarized events up to today, “The Fight Continues“, but in brief…

The North Carolina Trial Court dismissed my lawsuit against the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition because it ruled that I was not ‘injured’ by the government’s action.

The law firm that is representing me (Institute for Justice) and I believe that the state court was wrong, because when the government tells you to shut up… or else face prosecution, ultimately the state is inflicting harm. The state is restricting my speech.

The Institute for Justice filed a brief in appeal in front of the US 4th circuit!

All of which is AWESOME NEWS!!!   

So the notoriety of the investigation and resulting lawsuit increased the visibility for the site.  Back to the 2012 Summary.


Most Read Blog Posts in 2012

5)  Dear Pancreas, You May Rest Now –  THE most important nutritional post of the year… in my opinion. Please read!

4)  Future ADA Minion gives me dietary advice  – Yes, this did not end well for them. :)

3) How Do Nutritionists Sleep at Night… I’ll tell ya.  I loved this post… just saying. :)

2)  Very Low Carb, Strict Paleo Experiment – I was glad to see this #2 … I love doing self experiments. :)

And the NUMBER ONE Post of 2012??? ….

1)   The Site and Free Speech is Being Investigated  – not surprising given the media coverage. :)


In Closing

THE most gratifying thing about all of the media coverage?  The lives that have been changed in a positive way.  People from all backgrounds from many countries have found this website due to the publicity.

The Institute for Justice and ALL OF YOU who have supported me can accept some of the credit for changing those lives.


Now… let’s GIVE THEM HELL IN 2013!

And I am referring to those that profit from harmful dietary advice… Big Pharma, Big Food and the Medical Industry.

3 thoughts on “Summing Up 2012 …”

  1. Hey Steve, nice to see a new post. Ironic, isn’t it? Their attempt at shutting you up had the opposite effect of making your voice louder.

    By the way, about that “Dear pancreas…” post, here’s something that I think is very relevant, especially with regards to OGTT and low-carb:

    I think glucose tolerance is sort of a misnomer. The way I see it, the term “tolerance” should be “excess glucose clearance” instead. What it’s intended to mean now is that the person is able or unable to metabolize glucose, glucose which is otherwise Good For You. You are tolerant or intolerant of an otherwise good food. Just like we could be tolerant or intolerant of the lactose in milk. As if the problem was with the person, not the substance itself. I mean, we wouldn’t be confused about arsenic, and we wouldn’t test for “arsenic tolerance”. Even with healthy people, blood glucose rises way higher than normal – in diabetic range – but drops back down merely more quickly than in “diabetics”.

    Just with the paper I linked to, we can see that the OGTT is highly dependent on previous carb intake. Having known diabetes yourself, you must be aware of HbA1c, a risk marker for the “disease”. And you must also be aware that the same marker is also used as an indicator of average carb intake over the last several months. I see a paradox here. It can’t be both good that we become glucose tolerant because we ate more carbs for a few days before the OGTT, and bad that we’re getting closer to diabetes when we eat carbs for a few months. I mean, is this really a matter of consciously keeping HbA1c inside a very narrow range? So how do animals do it?

    Is this really a matter of eating low-carb to keep HbA1c low to reduce our risk of diabetes, but then eat more carbs to pass the OGTT?

    Keep it up, Steve. You’re helping more people than you know. I hope you win the appeal, and then win the suit.

  2. Classically Liberal Dave

    Keep it up! I’m renewing my efforts to exercise and moderate my consumption of refined carbs. I started paying more attention to my health before having a serious wakeup call like you did, but I am still encouraged by your success. I’d love to know which book it was that your doctor gave you that started you down this road.

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