When being a Diabetes Parrot … causes untold pain and suffering

Not all posts are created equal…this post is, in my opinion a VERY IMPORTANT POST!  

Why?  It tells the tale of why so much is screwed up in the world of failed healthcare and indirectly it’s an example of why we have a failed nutritional system.

PLEASE read this post and if you agreeshare it!  Especially if you have loved ones who suffer from illnesses or disease.


This post is a follow-up to the post, “Houston Methodist Hospital Added to the Wall of Shame“.


The hospital posted an infographic  with these diabetes Blood Sugar Targets.


The picture plainly says… “Target Blood Glucose“.  These ‘targets’ are dangerously high, blood sugar levels that high cause cell and organ damage!

So why would a member of the Medical Industry promote such harmful targets?   … I’ll tell you why.

When I called them on it and …. attacked them for promoting dangerously high blood sugar targets…

They lied about it… in the picture below you can see my original tweet and their response.   They lied, stating that these were not meant as targets… but as ‘diabetic ranges’ and not ‘optimal’.


How can targets not be targets?  And why promote unhealthy, less than optimal targets?

The obvious answer is … they made a mistake, someone erred.  However, they never admitted to the mistake and if it was a mistake… they NEVER changed their infographic.   So was it just a mistake? …  we shall see… :)


Round 2

Just for a frame of reference, here’s a post where I lay out my blood sugar goals and why. In short I believe everyone, including diabetics should obtain and maintain normal blood sugars. For me… that’s 60-90 mg/dl fasting and sub 100 the vast majority of the time with temporary trips to the 120 mg/dl range.

After I bashed them repeatedly for posting targets for diabetics that they stated were not optimal… they went silent.

In case some of you are thinking I’m unfair, keep in mind that this advice is harming MILLIONS of diabetics, every day.  It causes much pain and suffering every damn day…. and it needs to stop!

After I shared the post adding them to the Wall of Shame they spoke up once more… below is my tweet and their response.

n b



Their reply was a ‘polite’ brush off … stating that they appreciate my passion, if they think this will butter me up and make me go away, they are mistaken.  (Pun intended) :)

But what about the source they listed?  Let’s see what the Houston Methodist Hospital is really saying… their link went right to these numbers on the NIH website. (National Institute for Health)


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Above the numbers are further clarification, just in case the picture is not clear… :(

Targets are numbers you aim for. The chart shows the target blood glucose numbers—measured in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL)—for most people with diabetes.

To my astute readers I’m sure I don’t have to point out the problems with this information… but let me do so anyway. :)

1. The fasting and before meals target range is NOT the same as the infographics 70-120 mg/dl.  So if they were actually using this as justification… they aren’t even smart enough to copy and paste correctly.

2. The hospital admitted that their ‘targets’ were not targets but diabetes ranges.  Ranges that were not optimum.

Then they shared their source, showing that it INDEED WAS A TARGET!!!

So the numbers they posted actually were targets, before they stated that they were not targets, after posting that they were.

Just imagine a poor diabetic reading their pathetic pitiful advice.

Any wonder diabetics are confused???

3. Look at the recent studies in my post,  “My Blood Sugar Targets” , risks for dementia and neuropathy increase even with fasting levels as low as 100 mg/dl.   Why would the National Institute for Health promote 70-130 mg/dl?

I don’t care who promotes high blood sugar levels… levels that do cause cell and organ damage. I’m not going to parrot the information without checking it out.

Unlike the Houston Methodist Hospital.


Do you understand why I think this post is so important?

It is a classic case of a medical industry member parroting harmful information.

Just like ‘highly educated’ certified diabetes educators, just like doctors, just like nutritionists etc etc.  … they all (or almost all) promote a high carb, low fat, grain based meal plan for diabetics!

And it causes untold pain and suffering… needlessly!!!

It’s why every single page has a disclaimer at the bottom… check it out now.

The information they parrot was most likely derived from information provided by tainted studies paid for by Big Food or Big Pharma.  Regardless of the source… it’s harmful advice.

If I can search and discover better targets… why can’t the Medical Industry?

Is it because they are intellectually lazy?  Willfully ignorant?  or Both?

As any respectable person or group should do… they need to admit their mistake and take responsibility for it.

They should not continue to parrot the same failed diabetes protocols that cause the abysmal 90% failure rate of diabetics.

… somehow based on previous experience I doubt they will.