The Best Is Yet to Come

A post of ‘primal musings’, thoughts that I have been mulling over the last few days and weeks. All are intended to be thought-provoking, and should cause you pause— especially if you suffer from health problems.

  • the best is yet to come
  • live our lives in chains
  • ask your doctor
  • next experiment – Diabetes Gains!


Here is my mission statement, in short I try to educate and motivate those with disease to realize, ‘there is a better way‘. Why? Because millions (billions?) suffer needlessly, while a relatively few profit — and that really angers me.

Primal Diabetes Musings


I try to surround myself with people on the same mission. The ‘mission’ is TRUTH! My mission is not promoting any specific dogma or beliefs. I share what works (and doesn’t work) for me… as I successfully treat the host of diseases and ailments I once suffered from… including diabetes.


Primal Musings

If you or someone you care about suffers from a disease or ailment — read and heed.


The Best is Yet to Come

Thanks to my friend Carol Wade on Facebook, for sharing the meme (pic) above.

For those who don’t know my story, I’m a formerly obese, formerly drug and insulin dependent diabetic. Since 2009 I’ve maintained normal weight and normal blood sugars, all while being — drug and insulin FREE!

My youngest son is 25 years young and in his prime. When I was his age I thought I was invincible and that old age and death was ‘another lifetime’ away. I didn’t realize at the time, I only had about 15 ‘good’ years left!

For me, after I hit the big ’40’ — bad things really began to happen. I began to pack on the pounds as my overall health began a more pronounced downward spiral.

Luckily for me at the age of 47, I received a diabetes diagnosis that ‘woke me up’. I discovered a ‘better way’ to self-treat my diabetes, as well as my overall health and fitness.

Since 2009 I’m arguably in the best fitness and health of my life, with the possible exception of my high school years, when I played basketball and ran track.

So for me, in total and complete honesty — I truly believe…


“Some of the best days of my life, haven’t happened yet.”


If you do not believe, some of your best days are ahead, then you are ‘doing it wrong’.

I urge you to follow this meal plan for 30 days, “A Meal Plan You Can Live With” and see how you feel.

I can ‘see’ myself still playing and exercising — enjoying life well into my 80’s and beyond. Since 2009 to paraphrase Jack Lalane, I’ve not only added years to my life, I have added LIFE to my years!


Live Your Life in Chains

The quote below is from the lyrics to “Already Gone” by the Eagles. I love it! It applies to diabetes and much of today’s neolithic diseases.


“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains And we never even know we have the key.”


For many with modern diseases and ailments — they live their lives in chains, needlessly! Weighted down by the complications of diseases that become debilitating.

In case you did not know —


“Diabetes does NOT have to be debilitating!”


The key to successfully self-treating diabetes is maintaining truly normal blood sugar ranges. A truly low inflammatory diet and lifestyle can help immensely.


Ask Your Doctor

Amanda Johnson shared this link to a Tedx-Talk by Sharyl Attkinson, “Astroturf and Manipulation of the Media“.

This is a MUST WATCH!  You must watch this.

None of the information in the video was a shock or surprise, but her point on the phrase “ask your doctor” really struck home.

“Ask your doctor.”

I hear the phrase often and I cringe when I hear it. Telling a diabetic to ‘ask their doctor’ is a death sentence for many and I have said so many times.

In the video, Ms. Attkinson states that the phrase is promoted by the drug companies because they know that if you go see your doctor with a malady— you are very likely to be prescribed a drug!!

The ‘sales funnel’ is set into motion.

Most doctors promote a high carb, grain-based meal plan that will cause blood sugars to elevate. Elevating blood sugars require more and more drugs, insulin and doctor’s visits to treat.

The video applies to so much that we see today, including ‘fake news’. It really is a MUST SEE video.


Diabetes Gains

I’ll write a full introductory post soon but I just wanted to mention my next dietary experiment, I’m calling it DIABETESGAINS! :)

My friend Kelly Tee invited me to the Facebook group “KETOGAINS”.  It’s a group founded by Luis Villasenor. Honestly, when Kelly invited me, I wasn’t interested. The group promotes adherence to dietary macros… and to do it properly you need to weigh and measure your food and that’s not something I was into.

Then I read comments by folks I knew and trusted  RD Dikeman and Stephanie Winter— so I thought, I’d give it a chance.  I’ll be using all animal products to satisfy my Ketogains macros. Here is a link to the Ketogains Macro Calculator if you want to play along.


Take Home Points

  • Some of your best years should be in front of you, not in your rear view mirror.
  • So many of the chains that bind us… are in our minds.
  • Eyes wide open,  much of what we are told, is propaganda.
  • Questioning everything and self-experimentation is what lead me to successfully self-treating diabetes.