A Day With A Diabetic Carnivore

My diabetic carnivore experiment is still going on. With a fresh supply of test strips (thanks to TotalDiabetesSupply.com) I’m going to share my day’s activities in this post.  I’ll share activities and blood sugar readings throughout the day and night, including:

  • Before and after Intense Exercise
  • Before and after High Protein Meals


Keep in mind, I’ve been eating a ‘full-carnivore’ diet since February. To sum it up, I’ve been eating fatty meats, eggs, and the occasional cheese. Drinks have been water, black coffee and the occasional glass of wine.


Above are my first two blood sugar tests this morning. I love the 70’s!  The picture on the right will be my ‘before’ test, prior to intense workout #1, 15 minutes of  maximum kettlebell swings.  That’s my son’s dog Arya — she photobombed me. ;)


Carnivorous Blood Sugars

When I first began this “Full-Carnivoe” experiment, my fasting blood sugars were initially higher than I preferred, averaging 88… but in the past month or so they have settled back into the ranges I prefer, 70’s and 80’s.

This morning as has been typical recently, I woke up in the 70’s… 76, I love it! :)   After fasting this morning, I had an 86 mg/dl prior to my intense exercise.

I’ll be periodically taking blood sugar readings throughout my day, which will include very intense  workouts, jump burpees,  kettlebell swings and if I have any energy left… a ‘back and bicep’ workout.  :)

Update: I am forgoing the ‘back and bicep’ workout. Why?

  1. After the two intense workouts earlier, I doubt I could give 110%.
  2. Even if I did, I doubt that I’d be able to give 110% to grilling fatty meats.  Priorities! ;)

Tonight I’ll be grilling fatty meats, pork chops and chicken thighs. I’ll share my blood sugar tests after that as well.


Very Intense Exercise

I have documented my body’s response to very intense exercise many times.  With very intense bursts of exercise such as  ‘maximum kettlebell swings in 15 mins’, my body’s response is swift and strong… this exercise usually spikes my blood sugars.  Often into the 120-130 range.

Today I performed  this exercise and I completed 348 swings in 15 minutes. Only 15 swings short of an all-time high, about one ‘set’ of swings short.

Previous post with Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) charts after exercise, “Diabetes and Exercise “.


Max Kettlebell Swings in 15 Minutes

Before exercise my blood sugars were 86 (see above).

Here are the after  blood sugars

1:08 (immediately after) = 108 mg/dl.

1:21  110 mg/dl

Next …


Maximum Jump Burpees in 15 minutes

Again, this very intense exercise often spikes me to 120 to 130 mg/dl range.

Immediately after  1:41  102 mg/dl

1:53 104 mg/dl

2:02 101 mg/dl


Post Workout Protein Snack

2:02  ate  8 oz of succulent chicken thighs.

3:02 106 mg/dl

3:58 96 mg/dl   (back below 100!!!! …where I belong.  :)

5:00 92 mg/dl


The Main Course Pork Chops

6:05 89 mg/dl  – To celebrate I had a glass of wine and started in on the pork chops.

7:08 88 mg/dl – So far so good. After two glasses of wine and 9.8 oz of fatty pork chops!

7:30 pm 5.6 oz of chicken thighs. Nom!

Visually the chicken thighs ‘stole the show’,  here’s a pic.



8:08 76 mg/dl — I love IT!!!

8:57 91 mg/dl  … I’m shutting down my laptop, and going to bed.  I may  test again, but I doubt it.

Good night… Carnivore Dreams. :D

When I wake, I’ll test again and post.


After Midnight Readings

2:48 83 mg/dl — BOOM!   I was really curious how my BG would react ‘overnight’.

6:58 am  83 mg/dl —  still normal! :)


Below is a picture of my blood sugars from 6 pm until 7 am this  morning.



I was really surprised my blood sugars remained so level. Of course,  no one knows what happens during the hours I didn’t test.

There are always confounding variables (variables that can affect the outcome) with personal experiments, last night the largest probably being the two glasses of wine.  Now that I have ample test strips, I’ll test more after high protein meals.

Still, this is a big time win for carnivory.


I’d love to wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), if anyone has a spare they don’t need for a few weeks.

Last summary of my diabetic carnivory experiment,  Diabetic Carnivory, How Sweet It Is.

My body is responding extremely well to a ‘full-carnivore’ diet.  I see no reason to quit … so I won’t. :)


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