Diabetic Carnivory: How Sweet It Is

An update on my Diabetic Carnivore experiment! My excitement has been building the last couple of weeks, I wasn’t going to write another update until June.  I’ll show you why I did. :)

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I wasn’t planning on another personal update until June 9th, my 56th birthday. When I woke up this morning and had ANOTHER sub-80 fasting blood sugar reading… I just had to write about it.


The picture above is a bone-in ribeye steak. Since February 10, 2017 I have not eaten the flesh of plants. I have only eaten animal based products…. meats, eggs and cheese. I still drink coffee every day.

For more background on my Diabetic Carnivore Experiment, here is the Intro and the Day 75 Summary.


Context: Blood Sugars

Everyone should desire truly normal blood sugars. The goals of diabetics should NOT be ‘diabetic normal’ blood sugars.  My fasting target range is 60-90 mg/dl. I explain why, here “Blood Sugar Targets“. My fasting blood sugar ‘sweet spot’ is in the lower 70’s, if I had to pick.

At diabetes diagnosis I was an obese, chronically sick — wretch, who was taking numerous drugs and daily insulin shots… just to survive. Since 2009 I’ve maintained normal weight and excellent health and fitness… DRUG AND INSULIN FREE.

I credit much of my success to obtaining and maintaining truly normal blood sugars. Studies show (see my blog post above), the risk for a myriad of health problems begin as blood sugars begin to creep higher.


Carnivorous Blood Sugars

Therefore, blood sugars are VERY important to me. When I first began this experiment in February, my blood sugars started out fine…but began creeping higher.

However, I really wanted to give this Diabetic Carnivore experiment a thorough testing. So I tolerated higher blood sugars (always sub-100), giving my body time to adapt to the ‘full carnivore’ diet. My average during the first couple of months was 88.  NOT horrible but higher than I wanted.

In Phase II of the experiment, I went from gorging on meat … to eating until sated or full. My blood sugars decreased slightly, averaging 86.

In this current phase, not much has really changed except I wanted to avoid cheese (which I did) and avoid wine. I have had wine a couple of times.


Excitement Builds!

About two weeks ago things began to change… for the better. My blood sugars began sinking lower… and lower.  My average over the past 11 days has been 81.5!

I haven’t had a reading over 90 in 13 days!

I haven’t had a reading over 80 in 5 days!

Here are my last five fasting blood sugars… 79, 59, 75, 78 and 79! … an average of 74!

Yes! … you read that correctly a 59!



If you are new to this site, or forgetful … :)  YOU should know that historically I routinely wake up in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m no stranger to a fasting blood sugar of 59, although it is rare. Low 60’s fasting is not unusual.


Carnivory … How Sweet It is

I had not planned on doing a ‘diabetic carnivore’ update until June 9th.

As my blood sugars began trending lower, my excitement began growing that my body was adapting to the all-animal based diet.  Not even I expected the fasting numbers of the past five days!

… I just had to write this post  about it! :)

Oh and by the way…  my protein consumption has averaged 241 grams the last two weeks, while my fasting blood sugars were sinking and I ate 329 grams of protein yesterday!  And woke to a 79 mg/dl. Ba hahaha! :)


Update 5/22/2017

My last two days, I’ve eat 340 and 329 grams of PROTEIN!  I was totally surprised to wake up to these numbers. I have been ‘pounding’ the protein more… and my blood sugars are staying low.  I quickly tested with another meter to verify. :)

My guess is, my body is adapting to higher protein consumption.



I’ll still do a full and complete write up in June… but for now, all systems are go!

I’ll just add, the other day I did 600 55lb kettlebell swings in 43 minutes. An anaerobic butt whipping… for sure. Afterwards I mowed the lawn with a push mower. Just saying, there is no power shortage around here. :)



Just remember… I’m eating nothing but eggs and fatty meats.  Mmmmm.

Peace, love and truly normal blood sugars to you all. :)


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