Snake Diet … What?

Never heard of the Snake Diet? I had not either until a couple of weeks ago when Anne Kern introduced me. Thanks Anne! :) Yesterday was my first full day on the ‘Muscle Building Protocols’ as part of the Snake Diet. In this post:

  • What is the Snake Diet?
  • Why the Snake Diet?
  • Fasting Protocols

The Snake Diet is, a fasting-focused lifestyle. Through research and self-experimentation, Cole Robinson the creator, has developed protocols for seemingly everyone. We’ll look at the three main regimens in this post.

I’m a fan of fasting. I’ve done my share in the past, but it’s been awhile since I’ve done anything over 24 hours. As I progress with Cole’s protocols, this will go beyond anything I’ve done in the past.

Note: Cole curses often with liberal use of the “F” bomb, so be forewarned if you watch his videos (and you should watch them). Also, Cole dishes out ‘buffet style’ tough love.  For example, he starts each video out with, “Hey FATTY!”.

He gets results, he’s helped THOUSANDS of people lose weight and improve their health. I have all of the contact information for the Snake Diet at the end of the post.

What is the Snake Diet

The Snake Diet is all about a fasting focused lifestyle; the protocols were developed by Cole Robinson after years of research and personal experimentation.

Snake Juice

A prominent feature of the diet is the use of ‘Snake Juice’ to help replenish electrolytes.

Snake Juice’s basic ingredients are…

Evian Water
Pink Sea Salt
Potassium Chloride (NoSalt)

I’ve been taking the ‘basic’ version for several days. Check out this video for more information on how to make Snake Juice and when to use baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar. :)

Fasting Protocols

Cole suggests people start out with a 48 hour fast to break the chains of addictions… drinking plenty of Snake Juice. After that, the protocols will differ based on your goals.

Muscle Building Protocol

I actually started this protocol two days ago.  In short, you do one 48 hour fast per week and the other five days you eat with a very narrow ‘feeding window’.

Why am I doing it?

  • I love to experiment.
  • I love to push my body and my mind.
  • I was ready for a new challenge
  • Ultimately I want to see if I can really heal my body with dry fasting.

I’m starting out with just a one hour eating window.  This means I fast for 23 hours (just water and snake juice) and eat very low carb foods for one hour. Check out Cole’s Video for the Muscle Building Protocol.

Weight and Fast Loss

Starting with a 48 hour Snake Juice fast and progressing longer and longer. At some point, it’s suggested you try dry-fasting to speed up the weight-loss and healing.  Cole has many videos with more information …

Here is the “What is the Snake Diet” video.


Dry Fasting is the primary tool for healing, although all fasting is reported to have recuperative and healing possibilities.  Dry fasting is consuming -0- liquids and -0- food.  I’ve done my share of water-only fasts, but never any dry-fasting.

I hope to gradually work up to performing these in the future.  Here’s a video, “What is a Dry Fast“.

More Info: Snake Diet

Again special thanks to Anne Kern who added me to the Snake Diet Facebook group and introduced me to Cole Robinson and the Snake DIET!

When I first heard Cole, I turned off the video after only a minute. But then I went to the Facebook group and saw the success stories…. there are many of them.

I don’t agree with everything Cole says, but hey… I don’t agree with everything anyone says.

Cole dishes out ‘buffet style’ tough love. He is getting results and changing lives for the better. He’s not for everyone …  will his ‘to some’, offensive delivery offend you? …or trigger you to affect real change in your life?

The choice is up to you.

Snake Diet Motivation: Facebook Group

Snake Diet Facebook Page

Snake Diet on Youtube

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