Best Damn Salad Dressing Recipe

Making your own salad dressing is so simple! It’s not as easy as opening a store-bought bottle and pouring it on your salad… but it almost is. Why would you want to make your own?

  • it’s nutritious and delicious!
  • it’s made with heart, taste bud and diabetic friendly ingredients!


You can make these salad dressings in batches … or make them fresh, with the meal you are preparing.  This assumes you are cooking fatty meats … and you should be. :)



Above is a picture of the salad dressing I made in  less than a minute… isn’t it GORGEOUS! I don’t eat a lot of salads, but when I do I use the best damn diabetic salad dressing recipe on the planet…. the same one I am about to share with you! :)


Why Homemade Salad Dressing?

Almost all store-bought salad dressings use ingredients that I avoid, including sugar and vegetable or seed oils.

I do not consume these oils: corn, vegetable, soybean, canola, peanut, sunflower, safflower, nor cottonseed. Why do I avoid these? In short, vegetable or seed oil use has been linked to or associated with: obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease, cancer, etc.

I have avoided vegetable oils since 2009 … and I thrive!

For years I have only consumed animal fats and coconut oil. If you have “REAL” olive oil  it’s ok to use in this recipe. I stopped cooking with Olive Oil years ago, but it’s ok to use in salads and in slaws like this, Low-Carb Paleo Slaw Recipe.


Best Damn Salad Dressing Recipe

I’ve been making this for years. What are the main ingredients in most salad dressings anyway?

Oils (fats), vinegar and spices. Right?

The overwhelming majority of the meals I cook involve fatty meats (and so should yours).  After cooking the meat there is usually fat and bits of meat left in the skillet (or broiling pan, etc). One day I was thinking …


The Birth of an Idea

One day just for fun, I was cooking bacon and there was plenty of fat and bits of bacon left in the skillet. I decided to pour a little vinegar in the skillet and using a fork… lightly stir/scrape the skillet bottom until the mixture was warm. I then added salt and pepper to the mixture before spooning it over the salad.


In short, it was AMAZING!

It really is THAT simple. Just add the spices that you like… experiment with different mixtures… have fun! :)

Slap Ya Mama is my favorite ‘all in one” spice!

Note: Typically I add equal amounts of vinegar to fats. Honestly, I don’t measure anything anymore, I just pour a little vinegar in the skillet and add a few spices. Usually … Slap Ya Mama!


Salad Dressing Recipe

Ok, I get it… you need a recipe. :)

This recipe will work for a single meal for one person. It usually scales up well, since the more people at the meal … the more fatty meats you will cook, which will result in more residual fat for the dressing.


Cook Fatty Meats

Notice all of the fat in the skillet?  I cooked pork chops but bacon, rib eyes, fatty hamburgers (75%) will all work.

Bacon is probably my favorite.


Drain Fat Into a Glass Container

I used a shot glass my two awesome friends gave me  … Tammy and Rob Robertson.

I poured two shot glasses of fat into a wine glass.



Add Equal Amount of Vinegar

I use Apple Cider Vinegar.  You can play with your mixture but one to one ratio of fat to vinegar works for me.


Add Spices

Add your favorite spices, the first time salt and pepper isn’t a bad choice.  Stir to mix well.

VOILA!  You just made your own salad dressing!

The featured picture (at the very top of the post) is an example of the finished results.  Isn’t it beautiful!

So simple, easy, nutritious and delicious!



Spices – mix and match your own favorite tastes.   Spices I’ve used in the past include Dijon mustard, different vinegar, oregano, parsley, and even jalapenos.

Mix and match… have fun! :)


Large batches of fatty meats and rendering fats – Cook a broiler pan full of bacon (any fatty meats) and use the rendered fats to make larger batches of salad dressings.

I have rendered fats in the past. It’s simple, some people filter using a cheesecloth (I do not), I just pour off leftover fats into a glass jar or usually….  just a glass or coffee cup. Place it in the refrigerator and use it to cook with…or to make a salad dressing! Keeping rendered fats is a great idea, especially if you like to eat a lot of salads and/or you eat leaner meats like chicken breasts.


Explore New Foods

This salad dressing recipe is truly nutritious and truly delicious. It only takes a minute or two.

I’ve been making salad dressings like this for YEARS!

If you have not … why not?  It’s to your advantage to explore and discover new foods and new cooking methods, as long as they are ‘real foods’.  If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, here’s my meal plan, “A Meal Plan You Can Live With“.

Lastly, if you believe veggie oils are healthy, you have been lied to.  I suggest you read this excellent and in depth post by Tucker Goodrich, “Omega-6 fats: the alternative hypothesis for diseases of civilization“.


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