Snake Diet Update

Two months ago, I began to investigate and then follow the Snake Diet  ‘Muscle Building Protocols’ as promoted by Cole Robinson. In this post:

  • my results
  • my thoughts on the Snake Diet
  • the results of others


In the past I’ve promoted intermittent fasting and ‘alternate day fasting’ as the best and safest way to lose weight and reduce blood sugars. Why? I’ll go into more detail in the post, but in short… muscle or lean mass preservation.


Over the last two months, I’ve seen REAL people turn their lives around, losing weight, improving their health and perhaps most importantly, regaining a zest for LIVING! It’s a beautiful thing.


Snake Diet: Results of Others

Like the lady in the picture above there have been MANY people changing their lives around using the Snake Diet protocols! Not only that, it’s not taking months or years, in many cases only weeks or a month or two.

Here is my friend Cindy Hampton, a Snake Diet Facebook Group Moderator.



Obviously she’s had great success and she’s still continuing her journey.

Here’s what she said in the caption to these photos.

“Sooo…I can’t say ENOUGH about this weight loss/health and wellness plan!! Done them ALL. No, I’m not selling anything, but if anyone is unhappy with their health or weight, especially at this point in our lives,. PLEASE check out Snake Diet videos on YouTube!! Amazing  .”

I could go on and on, but you need to check out the Facebook group yourself.  New people are posting their success stories every day. Link at the end of this post.


Why I Love the Snake Diet!

I LOVE fasting from an evolutionary perspective.

  • engages autophagy and other beneficial biological reactions
  • awesome for reducing blood sugars
  • great for weight-loss


If so… why have I only recommended intermittent fasting or at most alternate day fasting?  Studies have shown that muscle loss can occur with extended fasting.

So why did I change my mind?

It’s all about the details and Cole Robinson, with his Snake Diet protocols has ‘dialed it in’ in my opinion.

First a little background.


Overweight or Over-Fat

Latest statistics from the CDC confirms what can be seen among the general population.

  • obesity, not just being overweight is widespread in the US.  Nearly 40% are OBESE and another 33% are ‘just’ overweight. Think about that, almost 75%, 3 out of 4 are overweight or obese.


  • Even many who are ‘normal weight’ are ‘over-fat’. This is where I found myself in the spring of this year. I weighed 165 lbs at 5′ 10″ … and I decided to do something about it, “High Protein Diet for Weight Loss“, losing 12 lbs.How to know if you are over-fat? Waist to height ratio of less than .5 is a good way to tell. Simply measure your waist and divide that number by your height in inches, you want to be below .5.


Not only are people in the general population over-fat, over-weight or obese… many people who follow a ‘low-carb’ or ketogenic diet are still over-fat or over-weight.

Many have lost significant amounts of weight, but struggle to lose the last 10-20 lbs.

Enter the Snake Diet.


Snake Diet Gets it Done

What is different about the Snake Diet fasting protocols?

Cole promotes fasting until you are LEAN!

AND he strongly promotes weight resistance exercise.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, mamby-pamby fasting protocol.

As Cole suggests, fast hard, fast long, get lean and then begin building muscle!

If you do the protocols correctly, muscle loss should not be a concern. It won’t take years of fasting to lose a 100 lbs… while wasting away your lean mass.

Here’s a post by Cole in his Facebook Group.

This is GOLDEN!  I love it!



Fat people keep asking about what they can eat on this diet. Don’t worry about eating, and start worrying about fasting.

For best fat loss results fast as long as humanly possible only drinking Snake Juice.

If I was 50 lbs overweight here is the fasting routine I would follow:

1. I would fast on Snake Juice combined with the ACV/baking soda shots until I could see a six pack no matter how long it took.

It would probably take about 3-4 weeks without eating any food for me to go from 225 lbs to 175lbs.

2. Once it hit my proper lean body weight I would do a slow re-feed with soft wet vegetables and fruit until I had a couple good bowel movements. Might take a few days.

3. I would begin a performance fasting focused lifestyle where I would be eating with a minimum of 22 hrs of Snake Juice fasting between meals, and completing at least one 48 hour fast per week.

I would dial in my calories and macros based on the scale trend, how I felt in the gym, and how lean I looked in the mirror.
This is exactly the routine I am going to follow for the movie we are working on.

It’s that simple folks!


There you have it.  How to lose weight, lose fat, and regain your health!

RESULTS!  He doesn’t do it half-assed.  He pushes you to lose the fat so you can start re-building your body ANEW!

(Make sure to maintain truly normal blood sugars)


My Results

I left my results for last because… what I do or don’t do has NO bearing on what you should do.

I have a little fat to lose, but I do have fat to lose.  I’m actually in Cole’s ‘muscle building’ protocol. My main goal is add muscle. After the first of the year I’ll go back to ‘cutting’, or leaning out.


Blood Sugar Results

I’ve had to tweak the timing of my meals to obtain the blood sugar levels I am accustomed to.  Here’s an example this morning. :)


Strength, Energy and Stamina Results

Every thing has been great!



What the chart above shows?

  • Pull Ups – My highest ever pull up total (in a row) was 9 or 10.  Then a permanent shoulder dislocation ended any serious attempts… until this fall.I will no doubt go higher, I’m working on building up grip strength which is my greatest hindrance at this point.  Not lats or biceps strength.


  • Push Ups in 4 Minutes – Several years ago after MONTHS of working on push ups I achieved my goal of exceeding 120 push ups.I decided to add them back to this fitness challenge and in short order I equaled my multi-year personal record.


  • 600 Kettlebells for Time –  My all-time best was 32:10… until this fall. :)I was shocked to be honest, I didn’t think I could do a sub 30 minutes, but I did.


So… at the very least, I have not lost strength, stamina nor endurance. If I had to guess I’d say I’ve GAINED while on the Snake Diet Protocol.

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