Fasting Play by Play

Writing a play by play of my current fast.  I thought it might be helpful to some considering fasting. I’m now in day 2, in my 40th hour as I type this. I’ll try to update this post, ‘play by play’ until I end my fast.

  • What I drink and eat — just kidding, no eats, water-based drinks ONLY!
  • Activities
  • Weight and blood sugar readings


I’ve had difficulty completing more than two days of water-fasting in the past due to low blood sugars, I’m talking levels down to 45 mg/dl (2.5 mmol/l).  I am hoping to fast at least until Sunday morning, 60+ hours this time.

How long I fast will depend on my blood sugars, if they stay above 60 at bed-time, I’m all in. I’ve read enough scientific studies and papers to believe there is a chance I can truly ‘heal myself’ of insulin resistance by fasting.  Will I? Time will tell. I’ve seen positive early results. I share it in this post, “High Protein Experiment“.


Why Fast?

Fasting can help the body heal itself by engaging autophagy, a process whereby the body ‘cleans’ itself and removes damaged cells. You can read more about it here, on Wikipedia.

Though I successfully self-treat my diabetes with diet and exercise, ultimately I’d like to heal myself of the remaining insulin resistance.


Day Zero

I had a kick ass chest workout Thursday as well as a pull-up mini-workout at sunrise.  I felt really good, I worked out fasted, skipping breakfast as usual.

I started fasting Thursday night just before going to bed. I consumed 100 grams of protein at 11 AM and 41 oz of Top Round roast for dinner and bedtime snack. My last protein, 12 oz of London Broil occurred at 10 PM.

For me, my fasting clock started then. For purists, fasting doesn’t start until the next day or when you actually start skipping meals.


 Day One

My overnight fasting blood sugar was 89 mg/dl, not bad considering all of the protein I’d consumed the day before.

I did push-mow my yard but no other activities or workouts, as this was a planned rest day.

I did no further blood sugar testing, my blood sugars stay within normal ranges on the first day of fasting. Had I sensed any energy drop I would have tested, but all was good.

Hunger? None early. Especially in the evening I begin to feel hungry.  I had a serving of Snake Juice, and it calmed my hunger.  When I laid down for bed, I’d completed 24 hours of fasting.

Weight: 155.4   – that’s higher than average lately but to be expected considering the gorging the day before. :)


Day Two

I slept well. Better than usual when fasting for more than 24 hours.

The sleep showed up in my energy level… I woke up feeling strong!

Tested my blood sugars…


I love seeing fasting numbers this low and I’ve been this low and even lower ‘normally’.

BUT I hate being this low while fasting. Why? Because, it usually goes lower…and lower.

Weight: 153.4

Hunger: I’m in hour 40 of the fast. No hunger really, I mean… I could EAT! :)   I did drink a serving of Snake Juice.

It’s now 1:30 PM and I’m going to test blood sugars.  I do feel a little groggy.


Normally, I’d love this! :)  … but while water-only fasting, NOT good. I don’t like this trend … at all.

I want my blood sugars to stabilize … damn it.

I was getting ready to perform intense exercise…which would normally spike/raise my blood sugars. The problem is, after depleting glycogen my blood  sugars sink even faster. For me, without eating protein my liver (apparently) can’t keep up via gluconeogenesis.  That’s my best guess.

So for now, I’m going hold off on intense exercise …and take Arya for a dog  walk instead.  Arya approves. :)

The Fast Is Over

So an hour later I was not feeling any better, headache, dizziness.  I decided to wait another hour to see if my body would adjust, it didn’t.

I felt worse as the afternoon wore on.  So 3:37 PM I tested again, 53 mg/dl (2.9 mmol/l).


Once again my blood sugars tanked…  I was ‘home alone’, and with the trend line not only going down, but diving, I ended the fast.

I will try again!

I did eat 100 g of whey at 3:47 pm, I’ll share the results later, probably in the morning.

I have MEAT TO COOK! :)

Note: This is why I LOVE fasting for reducing blood sugars.
I maintain truly normal blood sugars, if  my blood sugars go this low… think how fasting can help people with elevated blood sugars!

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